Top 5 Best Guns in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7

CODM tries it's best to clock every weapon in a way where no weapon is way too better than the other, which is why we see constant buffs and nerfs. Their goal is to give players a versatile pool of weapons where no weapon is objectively overpowering another. On HawksNest's website, we can read the actually recorded stats and see for ourselves what weapons lead the scene and what should be our go-to for this season.



These guns are put together because while being recorded, both these guns have the exact same stats and damage at ranges. The way to differentiate between these depends on your preference of recoil pattern. KN-44 has a slight horizontal recoil whereas LK24 has verticle recoil. In longer ranges, KN44 servers well for this reason but when in the field they both perform almost the same. But the verticle recoil doesn't kick in until after maybe the first 7-9 shots, so the close to mid-range fights will be fought better regardless

These guns come in at the fifth spot because even though they are both great ARs, they don't stand up next to SMGs - which is the current meta in the game. Keep in mind that neither of these guns got any buffs or nerfs.


This is the most controversial gun in this list, purely based on the split opinions on it. Some people love it, the others think it's trash. There is only one reason for this and that's the overhype of the gun. The gun itself performs perfectly and can be considered the best AR in the game. It is a solid gun but can be outgunned, too. The best thing about this gun is that it doesn't have a lot of horizontal recoil and the verticle recoil is manageable. But where it does fall short is at longer ranges compared to the LK and the KN. If we compare the 25m+ damage between the HBR and the KN on the website, we can clearly see that the HBR will get outgunned.

In some situations, it may be able to outgun certain SMGs but for that, you need to hit all your shots. But it still has one of the highest time-to-kills from close to mid-ranges in ARs and can be called the best AR but certainly not the best gun in the game.


One of the most reliable guns of all time, RUS performs excellently in all ranges. It even beats HBR at some longer ranges, even though ARs are equipped to take longer-ranged gunfights. So the gun has really high versatility and can be used in any game mode any map. The only reason it's not the best gun is because of how stupid good the next two guns perform when used properly.


With its high recoil and extremely fast time to kill, the QQ9 is very reminiscent of the MSMC's release in season 2. Even though it's a great gun, it's not very high on versatility. This gun is only effective in close to almost mid ranges. You will be able to dominate close range maps and win every gunfight but at longer ranges, you will have to tap-fire which is where this gun falls short.


There is a tonne of reasons why cordite is the number one gun in COD mobile right now. One is that the recoil is almost non-existent and upto 10m there is no need to open your ADS to fire because it's the same without it. That means while rounding up on a corner, you can easily win against a player by just pressing the shoot button and not bothering to scope in and it will work every time.

This is also the perfect gun for pre-firing while rushing into a hardpoint because the default clip size of Cordite's mag is 40 which is just below PDW for an SMG. And because of all these factors, it is possible that the Cordite gets a nerf soon otherwise it will be the only gun seen in the Championship.

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