Best SMG's in Call of Duty Mobile Season 7

If you are looking for the best SMG's, you probably like to move around fast and go for kills then playing the objective. Well, firstly a big high-five because that's what we also like to do in Call of Duty Mobile. Anyways getting back to the topic today, in this post, we are going to share with you the list of Best SMGs in Call of Duty Mobile Season 7, which you can use to increase your chances of winning. So let's begin:

List of Best SMG's:


Trust us when we say, QQ9 is the Best SMG in the Call of Duty Mobile game currently. If you like to play aggressive and go for kills, then playing the objective, then this gun should be your choice. However, keep in mind that it is terrific in close range fights and pathetic in mid-long range fights.


QQ9 has a very high vertical recoil, which makes it really tough to use. Only players who have good recoil control experience can use the weapon rightly. But if used appropriately, you can take down even 4 players in face-to-face fighting using this weapon. Yes! It's that good.


Released last season, Cordite still manages to be the best versatile SMG in Call of Duty Mobile. Cordite is basically an SMG with Assault rifle features, and you can easily take mid-long range fights with this weapon and win too. Cordite can be used to play both Aggressive as well as passive.


This gun needs no introduction; it has always been our personal favorite. From the very first season, the gun has hardly received any changes, which is what makes it good. If you have played with the weapon a lot in the past, you can still go ahead with this gun in the current season as well.


RUS-79U is basically point one percent behind Cordite, and just in case Cordite is not working for you, then RUS-79U should be your go-to gun.

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So this was the list of best SMG's in Call of Duty Mobile Season 7. Which one of them are you currently using in the game, do let us know in the comments section below!