Call of Duty: Mobile New Community Update - Tank Nerf, New Guns, Lucky Board Removed & More

With all the buggy issues CODM has been facing recently, they decided to reply to the tremendous amounts of complaints they are getting. Whether than be complaints about the whacky ping system, overpowered things in the game which make the game almost unplayable to some players as well as technical problems.


Upcoming Tank Nerf

The brand new tank that CODM released with the season 7 update had split opinions all throughout the community. But now, because of the extremely high rate of complaints, CODM has stated in the community updates that they are looking into nerfing the tank so that it's not so unbeatable. Because looking at the stats, if you are to get your hands on a tank, your chances of winning go way up.

This meant that without an FHJ you're basically defenseless against the tank, even though it's hard to find. And even with the launcher, you have to hit five square shots to destroy the tank, and you will be dead by that time. One attack from the tank knocks you and the other kills you. And even though the nerf is seen as crucial to some players, some think it will ruin the tank fully.

Lucky Board

The Lucky Board was fully bugged out until the last couple of days, and nothing could be done about it across multiple devices. It was the first completely easy way to get some cool skins and even a character skin. CODM said in the update that it happened due to lower devices, but the fact is even the brand new, higher devices faced this problem.

Instead of trying to fix it, they completely removed the Lucky Board itself. It resulted in a lot of uproar in the community as progress made by players has all gone. But they have said they will be giving the skins out for free sometime in the future.

Level Progression

Even though the oldest players are clocked at level 150, CODM has finally said they are planning to do something about the level cap. It might either mean there will be an increase in the upper cap or from the next season; all players will start from the level one and way up from the bottom once again.

Unreleased Content

Many players had questions about all the things we saw in the test server that wasn't included in Season 7, like the new perks and the map Highrise, and CODM replied, saying they put a lot of content into the test server for future use. This means most of the content we see will be included in the global version, but when CODM decides.

New Guns

Because CODM used to get a lot of heat for being a game that had the continued use of a pay-to-win mindset where the best guns needed to be bought - like the HBRa3 and the Man O War, they have completely turned it around. Now we will be getting the Razorback and the KRM for free in the game soon. 

Razorback had been in the talks for a while now and has stats similar to the PDW. Now, we will also get to see the best Shotgun of the game called 'KRM.' The developers are anyway pretty liberal when it comes to introducing new guns the right way, so this is pretty exciting news.

But they have specified it might come through Ranked Rewards so we will have to thoroughly grind for them. The free and paid version of Chopper LMG will also be released soon in the current season.

Other Notes

  1. Crate issues have been fixed. People who spent money on the crates and didn't get any items will be refunded.
  2. More grindable seasonal tasks will be added as it is the central point of Season 7.

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