Google Will Force Call of Duty Mobile To Release Before 18th July 2019

We all have been eagerly waiting for Call of Duty Mobile Launch, But nobody knows when this game will finally come in our hands. However we are here with a small good news for you guys. We can give you an 100% percent confirm news that Call of Duty Mobile will release before 18th July 2019, No matter what!


Google gives an option to App developers to let people Pre-Register for their App release and when the App will release google will send a notification to all those who Pre-Registered for the App. However In-Return of this feature Google Places few Terms & Conditions which needs to be followed by the App Developers.

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Here one such Condition is that the App is to be Released within 90 Days from the Date of Pre-registration beginning. Since the Call of Duty Mobile's Pre-Registration begun from 18th March 2019, It has to be released before 18th July 2019 no matter what.

What is more good is that Call of Duty Developers has to release the Actual game (Global Version) and not the Beta Version of the game before this date. So 18th July is the Deadline so obviously 18th July 2019 won't be the Launch Date of Call of Duty Mobile Game. It will be released before weeks and weeks before. So if we take this in consideration we can conclude by saying that the Call of Duty Mobile Beta will be launched in the month of May and the Global Release of Call of Duty Mobile Game will be in the month of June, Period.