Most Awaited Game Mode 'Control Point' Is Coming In Game For Peace Upcoming Update

Game For Peace is a military competition mobile game developed by Tencent LightSpeed & Quantum Studios, which can also be considered as PUBG Mobile chinese version with slight changes. It pays tribute to the Sky Warriors who protect the national airspace.


This game is currently running on a 1.4.6 version and is soon going to get an update. After this update the most awaited game mode 'Control Point' is finally releasing. Let's have a look at the Game For Peace trailer below.

New Game Mode: Control Point

After the update when you will click on '创意工坊' (English Translation: Creative Workshop), you will see '占点竞技' (English Translation: Control Point) as a new game mode.

The shape of this map is in the square, and there are three locations A, B, and C. Players are divided into two teams: Red & Blue, and need to compete for these three locations. The team takes the lead in points by capturing two or more locations and wins the match.

After entering the match, players see a meter that shows the progress of both the Red and Blue team, as well as a countdown. After completion of the countdown, a location will be activated randomly. The newly activated location is neutral and will not calculate the progress for both teams. To increase the points, the players have to stand inside the location and stay alive.

When you stand and stay alive inside the location then the points will be of your team. The activation time of the locations is 3 minutes and 40 seconds. If any team completes the 100% progress before the time gets over then after 3 seconds the next location will be activated randomly on the map.

If both of the teams have the same points then the points will be in a situation of battle, and no progress will be added for both the teams. If the match has ended, and none of the team has reached 100%, then the higher-progress team will be the winner.

Respawn Infinity Times

There are some rules of this mode:
1. No player will respawn inside any of the locations.
2. Players will respawn at a specific location near the current location.
3. If your other teammates are at different locations, i.e. A, B, and C respectively, then you will respawn in away from the enemies outside the location.

Superweapons With Multiple Tactics

Three Superweapon Crates have also been added in this map for everyone to use which improves the tactical experience. Just after 45 seconds of the activation of each location, a fixed point outside the locations will refresh a superweapon crate.

In the superweapon crates, weapons like RPG-7 and M79 Grenade Launcher will be available, each with the three rounds of ammunition. As there are only 3 rounds of heavy weapons, so make sure to use them carefully. So the conclusion of the above discussion is: Stick to location A, B & C.

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