Sky: Children of The Light is One of The Prettiest Mobile Game

Sky: Children of the Light is a role-playing game developed by thatgamecompany, popularly known for other games like Journey and Flower. The game has brilliant graphics, rich audio design, and a calming atmosphere built that not many games can compete.


In Sky, you as a player play as the Children of the Light, spreading hope through the desolate kingdom to return fallen Stars to their constellations. The gameplay is extremely simple and not much effort going into it.

This is a heavily graphics driven game, which means even though it has story elements it doesn't fully depend on the plot to move forward. Bold, mesmerizing visuals are dominant from start to finish. More than to be played, this game is to be witnessed. A soothing, calming experience more than a battle-filled, competitive game. Being a fantasy game, it does have pockets of magical interventions as well.

Moving along the fantastical theme of the game, there are no dialogues. No speech. No human sounds. This greatly adds to the mystical part of the game - it truly feels out worldly. It has stunning imagery. There are also cutscenes in the game which are crisp and with brilliant backlight. The background rendering greatly focuses on details. The lights and the shadows look beautiful. You can take a screenshot in any part of the game and you will have a beautiful and unique wallpaper.

Now coming to the actual gameplay - the interface and the controls are extremely simplified. There's a button for interaction, movement, camera angle, and flying. And that's it. There are also 'gestures' like sitting in the interactions tab itself. In almost every part of the game, you can sit somewhere and enjoy the soothing atmosphere and the excellent sound design. There is hardly any difference between the gameplay and the cutscenes in terms of gameplay.

Finally, this is slightly reminiscent of the game Little Nightmares. That might sound strange because Little Nightmares is a bizarre horror game loved by many. But in terms of the small character design, movement, and the isolated feel it feels like the tiled version of it - soft, breezy and relaxing.

Sky: Children of the Light is available on both Google Play and Apple Appstore.