Super Impossible Road Is Releasing Along With Apple Arcade

Developed and published by Wonderful Lasers, Super Impossible Road is all about cheating your way to victory. It is a fast-paced racing game that is very simple and challenging. Have a look at the game's trailer below to get a sneak-peak into the Super Impossible Road's World.


Super Impossible Road will offer two different game modes, one being career mode and other which we all want 'multiplayer mode' where you can compete against 7 other players in real-time. What's more exciting are in Super Impossible Road the tracks are randomly generated. Thus, it not about memorizing, it more about adapting the game style and train your reflex.

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Super Impossible Road is all set to launch on Apple Arcade, and it is expected to release on 19th September 2019 with Apple Arcade itself. Is it true or not? That only time can tell.