Top 5 Offline Games Like Free Fire For Android

It has been observed that players from all around the world are fond of the Battle Royale Games nowadays. This is an online video game genre that includes the elements of exploration, survival, and scavenging with the gameplay of last-one standing. 

Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games available on mobile with over 500 million downloads worldwide. It offers a lot in less requirement of mobile specifications. But it requires an internet connection and the availability of the internet is not sure wherever we go. So today, we are going to share Offline Games Similar to Free Fire.

Best Offline Games Like Free Fire

ScarFall : The Royale Combat

Published by Phoenix Games Team, Scarfall is the ultimate battle royale for your mobile. It is an online and offline multiplayer shooting game with a survival challenge and is one of the best multiplayer games with strategic play. It features Team Deathmatch and Solo Deathmatch with intense 4v4 squad Mode.


It also has the staggering classic game mode in which you have to survive against the shrinking zone with the utmost 3 chances to re-spawn to win over the war and be the #1 survivor in unknown battlegrounds. The game offers TPS (Third Person Shooter) and FPS (First Person Shooter) play with modern vehicles to roam around quickly and reach the final destination in a shrinking circle.

ScarFall: the Royale Combat is available to download on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Swag Shooter - Online & Offline Battle Royale Game

Published by Phoenix Games Team, Swag Shooter takes you to the swaggy journey on the survival battlegrounds. Experience the helicopter landing on the battlefield with 3 chances to survive till the end. Fight against all the shooters with loaded guns to be the ultimate SWAG SHOOTER!!


Swag Shooter features only FPS multiplayer war and works both online and offline. The game offers intense action and war with the modern armory in the staggering environment. The unique feature of the game is its Express train system, that to escape to the safe zone and explore the best FPS shooting game places

WW2 US Commando Strike Free: Fire Survival Games

Published by Game Scapes Inc, WW2 US Commando Strike Free is a non-stop cover shooting of action games. This is a First-Person Shooter (FPS) game with unique gameplay of world war II survival battlegrounds and the WW2 US commando.

To survive on the battleground, you have to look for guns and hideouts within the houses & above the water tanks. This is a unique US war shooting game where you make your own rules to survive as a US commando battleground. The aim is to become the last battleground firing squad.


WW2 US Commando Strike is available for only Android devices on the Google Play Store.

Desert Battleground

Published by Naxeex Studio, Desert Battleground is a tactical shooter game that works offline, in which your aim is to survive. The game offers a vast selection of Weaponry and Ammunition to bury your foes in the unknown sand of the desert. You've been dropped in the realistic environment of battle area with dozens of enemies.

You have to find yourself a good weapon and prepare for battle against enemies. You will have to move constantly because the hazard area is always moving, and appearing out of it will kill you in a few minutes. You can use cars to move faster and always keep in mind; the aim is to become the last one standing to win the game.

Desert Battleground is available for only Android devices on the Google Play Store.

Battleground's Survivor: Battle Royale

Published by Baton Games, Battleground's Survivor: Battle Royale is an action game where you have to fight against other survivors to stay alive and survive! When the game starts, you will jump from a plane, and you will land in the battleground, you must look for some guns and gear to be the lone survivor.

The game offers you First-Person Shooting experience with a wide range of Weaponry and Ammunition available. Just like all the games mentioned above, it also works offline.

Battleground's Survivor is available for only Android devices on the Google Play Store.

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