Cyber Drive is a cyberpunk based runner coming soon for iOS devices

Cyber Drive is an upcoming cyberpunk style runner from TAPMEN games where you will be driving in the city of future and you have to reach to your destination as fast as possible because you are late but you take a dangerous shortcut by diving through the traffic. The game is set to release on 10th March but you can pre-order it now.



Since this is taking place in an advanced civilization your car will be flying around through different layers and altitudes. Cars will be diving through the heavy traffic which will eventually lead you to the destination.

The game is very quirky with a top-down like weird angle where you will also get a 3d-like experience while you are dodging various cars and trains and parts of skyscrapers which are crossing in between like the one which can be seen from the above visual.

Cyber Drive will contain various handcrafted levels as it launches which will also include an endless mode where you will be able to test yourself as to how far you can possibly go. You will also get to collect coins during each level which can be invested in buying different flying vehicles.



Cyber Drive also has stunning visuals and it is optimized for all Apple devices too which is good and if you want to dive into this cyber madness do pre-order it on App Store. and expect a release on 10th March.

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