Call of Duty Mobile: Infected Mode is Coming in Season 7

At the end of last month, a mode called 'Attack of the Undead' showed up in the Garena test server of the game. We later found out that it is actually the Infected Mode and it's pretty fun from the looks of it.

The mode in itself is very simple - there are 10 players in total and (like in the core modes) and one of the players is infected. Initially, that player will look normal and have a primary weapon. But as soon as that person lands the first kill, they will have a cloth over their head and will try to infect as many players as possible while running with a knife. Beyond that point they will only be able to use a knife, throwing ax and things like that. This game mode will be an absolute feast for players who can camp, rush, and strategize their every move.


The game as an infected player is to rush numbers and overwhelm the opponents. 1v1 in this case will most probably get you killed as it's a knife against a gun, even though initially it's what you'll have to work with. Your aim is to infect all of them and leave no survivors behind so constant patrolling and an eye on the map is important.

Whereas as a survivor, you have to set up camp in each of the maps and keep yourself as far away as possible. This is where the new red perk Overkill comes in handy. You can pick a beaming LMG like RPD and have your secondary be the PDW and you're decked out to take long and close-range battles. You will be able to use scorestreaks as well.


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Overall this mode is going to be extremely fun to play for every type of COD Mobile player.