Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Battle Pass Rewards: New Guns, Scorestreaks, and More

We have already told you about the new leaks such as maps, Guns, perks, and much more, which is coming in season 7 of Call of Duty Mobile, but today in this post we are going to share with you the rewards which you will get for free or by buying battle pass in the upcoming COD Mobile season 7.


Free Rewards:

The following are the highlight items of the Free Rewards in the COD Mobile Season 7 Battle Pass.

Guns: A new Submachine Gun QQ9, it is a new gun that will be added to the Call of Duty Mobile in the Season 7 update, you might know this gun by the name of MP5, but in Call of Duty Mobile, it will be called QQ9, this gun has high accuracy and effectiveness in mid-combat fights.

Scorestreak: A new scorestreak called Cluster Strike, which is kind of an advanced version of Predator Missile, will be added in the season 7 of COD mobile. This will be the perfect scorestreak for Domination as using this scorestreak, you can call a massive airstrike on a particular area. And the best part is that this airstrike stays for quite some time.


The following are the highlight items of the Premium Rewards in the COD Mobile Season 7 Battle Pass.

Basic Reward: All the players who buy the battle pass will and complete 50 tiers will earn 220 CP, which can be used to purchase the next season's battle pass.

XP Boost: All players who buy the Battle Pass will receive a 25% XP Boost for the entire season.

Character: In Season 7, there will be 2 New amazing character skins, first is Ghost: Hazmat which is actually pretty dope skin and looks really cool. And another skin is Krueger: Chemist, who has a mask and looks like he is doing some crazy experiments.

Gun Skins: 5 New Guns skins will be added in the Season 7 Premium Battle Pass. RUS-79U Barricade, Skriker Barricade, and Ak117 Barricade will be the three new animated skins. The other two skins are M4 Saw Blades, which is a fantastic looking skin as it has Chainsaw attached with the gun, and last, the Skin is QQ9 Hong Thuy, which is also a decent skin.

The rewards mentioned above are the ones that players will be getting in the Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Battle Pass, which one are you most excited about? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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