Free Fire Kalahari Map: Best Characters to Play on the Map

Garena Free Fire has its own set of characters who can be unlocked and used as the game goes on. The selection of characters depends upon the player playing the game. Each character in the game has his/her abilities, which makes them unique. Thus the selection of characters is entirely up to the preference of the player.

When it comes to choosing a particular character, there are 30 of them to choose from. But from the point of view of combat and a bit of personal preference, a 'Top 6' has been chosen. They are Notora, Kelly, Paloma, Andrew, Moco, and Laura. Each of their skills is listed below, along with the reason why they are suitable for the Kalahari Map.



Sex: female

Age: 27

Birthday: March 22nd

The "Racer's Blessing" skill enables Notora to heal her restore her teammates HP by 5HP every 4.5 seconds while driving a vehicle. This unique ability makes her not only an asset in the Kalahari map but any other map too. A healer in the squad is always a blessing. Incase the squad is low on medical supplies, she is the go-to person. But she is only effective while in Duo mode or squad mode. In Solo mode, she is pretty much normal and has no special use.


Sex: female

Age: 17

Birthday: April 1st

Her "Dash" skill makes her sprint fast, and it increases as she levels up. She is an asset in any mode. Her ability enables the player to escape fast after looting in areas like Refinery, Command post, etc. Her ability is also very useful in Hot drops where there are chances of ambush. She is a preferred option for solo mode. Since her ability only affects her, it depends on the player's preference to include her or not in duo and squad mode.


Sex: female

Age: 28

Birthday: August 4th

Her ability "Arms-dealing" enables her to carry AR ammo without taking up inventory space, which increases as she levels up. Her ability might only be effective for her, but having a person with extra firepower in the squad is always great. Her ability also makes it easier to loot in areas like Command post, Refinery, Submarine, etc. She is suitable for all modes.



Sex: male

Age: 42

Birthday: December 25th

His "Armor Specialist" ability decreases the loss of vest durability. It gets more effective as he levels up. This ability comes handy when the player enters a battle zone with continuous firing. His ability and the player's skill makes him a survivor. He is good to use in solo mode and is also a preferred option in squad and duo mode.


Sex: female

Age: 20

Birthday: February 13th

Her "Hacker's Eye" ability enables her to tag the enemies she hit and show their position for her squad. The tag remains for 2 seconds, which increases as the level goes up. This skill is more preferred in squad mode and duo mode. It helps in finding the location of the enemy, thus enabling the squad to finish the enemy off. It's not that useful in solo mode, though its ability is very useful in areas like Command post and Stone ridge.


Sex: female

Age: 24

Birthday: May 21st

Her ability called "Sharp Shooter" increases the accuracy of shots while scoped in. At level one, it is by 10% but increases by 4% for each level after that. Her ability is individual, but it makes her an effective sniper. It is useful in solo mode while sniping, and also having a sniper with accuracy is an asset in squad mode too. The refinery is an area that can make the best use of her ability.


These are the top 6 characters from our side, using them can be beneficial for you in Kalahari Map. Go through our Maps Guide and Characters Guide to know more about the maps and characters of the game.

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