Call of Duty: Mobile Top 3 Red Perks + The New Red Perk

It's easy to lose track of all the elements that impact your gameplay, which is why it's important to talk about basics and reevaluate what we have on our hands at the start of a new season. Perks sway your gameplay a lot and the pay-off of a good set of perks is heavy.



As the name suggests, this perk grants faster regeneration of health and that too by 35%. In fast-paced matches, this perk is extremely useful, especially if you play aggressively. For Frontline, maps like Nuketown and Killhouse best call for rapid health regeneration as there's not a big window between facing opponents. In TDM, Cage and Rust are spontaneous and small maps where getting killed is much easier. It is an overall good perk to have it a low HP bar is what seems to take you down more often than not.

Fast Recover

Regardless, the perk doesn't work to its full capacity when being burned by a Molotov, as Molotov decreases the health regeneration of the opponent for a short period of time.


This perk allows the scorestreak progression to not reset at death, but the cost is doubled. Persistence is not as versatile as the other two perks on this list because it's only immensely useful in matches of Hardpoint and Domination. In these two modes, you're more likely to die, but you're also likely to stack up kills. Those kills will amount up to you getting even a VTOL Warship if you work it well enough. But in other modes like Frontline and TDM, this perk makes it tedious to get scorestreaks and you'd get them faster without it equipped.



Flak Jacket reduces the damage from explosives by 35%. The reason why this perk is the most useful in the list is that even though it might seem like a selective perk that can only be useful against a whole team of explosives, you are wrong. With this perk equipped, Trip Mines most of the time won't kill you. Most players in the Pro and Master level like to throw a nade at the start of the game - this perk will reduce the damage from that, too. But be aware that this won't protect you from a point-blank grenade hit. This even lowers collateral damage from RPGs.

Flat Jacket

So on the scale of versatility, this perk is high as you can use this in any map any mode and it'll be useful and save your life.


This new perk, set to release with Season 7, will allow you to have two primary weapons (no two same weapons, no secondary allowed). This perk enables players to have two primary weapons - AR, LMG, SMG, or Sniper. This means you can have two weapons in the same class and can switch between then according to the flow of the game, without having to die and respawn.

This will make the gameplay more immersive for players who play better with two different types of weapons. One second you can beam players with an AR, the next quick scope them.


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