PUBG Mobile Introduced New EvoGround Mode: Mix of Payload and War Mode

PUBG Mobile keeps on introducing new in-game features and gameplay modes to make it interesting for the players. In the last few months, we got to see rocket launchers, helicopters, Death Race mode and a lot more. This time, PUBG Mobile is getting another gameplay mode 'Payload + War Mode' under the EvoGround section, which is full of madness.

As the name itself suggests, this new mode is a combination of Payload Mode and War Mode, both of them have already been available in the game. In this new mode, players will be dropped in the battleground, but they do not get killed, they will respawn. But once the play zone is restricted, the respawning stops. There will be rocket launchers and grenade launchers as weapons for the attack. There is no information about the helicopters.


The Payload Mode got introduced recently in the game which brought rocket launchers and helicopters to spice up the gameplay. The war mode was introduced months back offering a very fast-paced experience to the players.

PUBG Mobile updated the game with a 0.16.0 version recently in which new EvoGround mode Rage Gear was introduced. An instant TPP to FPP switch button has been also been introduced, and according to the festive season, the Erangel map has also been modified, introducing Snow and Cable Cars on the map.

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