Free Fire Clash Squad Rank Season 1 Rewards Details

Free Fire has received its OB22 Patch Update on 3rd June 2020, and after that from 4th June, the Clash Squad Mode will get its first-ever Season. The Free Fire Clash Squad Rank Season 1 is starting from 4th June 2020 at 17:00 (GMT +5.5). As Season 1 is coming to the game, there must be some exclusive Season rewards.

Just like the normal Ranked Game, Free Fire Clash Squad Mode will also be rewarding players for increasing their tier. As you all know, the tiers start from Bronze I and go on till Heroic. The Clash Squad Rank Season 1 has rewards for players starting from Bronze I tier till Heroic tier. Below are the Season 1 Rewards of Free Fire Clash Squad Mode.


Clash Squad Season 1 Rewards

Bronze ISummon Airdrop + Scan
Bronze IIBonfire + Resupply Map
Silver IUniversal Fragment + Summon Airdrop
Silver IISummon Airdrop + Resupply Map
Silver IIIBonfire + Scan
Gold IDouble EXP Card + Gold Royale Voucher
Gold IIBonfire + Summon Airdrop
Gold IIIGolden Desert Eagle Skin + Universal Fragment
Gold IVSummon Airdrop + Resupply Map
Platinum IUniversal Fragment + Double EXP Card
Platinum IIBonfire + Gold Royale Voucher
Platinum IIIScan + Summon Airdrop
Platinum IVGold Royale Voucher + Resupply Map
Diamond IUniversal Fragment + Double Gold Card
Diamond IIBonfire + Scan
Diamond IIIResupply Map + Double EXP Card
Diamond IVSummon Airdrop + Gold Royale Voucher
HeroicUniversal Fragment

So the rewards mentioned above will be given to the players for reaching the respective tiers. The grand prize of Clash Squad Season 1 is the Golden Desert Eagle skin that players can get easily by reaching the Gold III tier.

If you are not aware of any of the items available as rewards, below we have given brief details about all of them.

  • Double Gold Card: Double Gold received at the end of a match.
  • Double EXP Card: Double EXP Received at the end of the match.
  • Resupply Map: Follow the instructions on the map to reveal a resupply point. (Equipped as a loadout).
  • Summon Airdrop: Summon an airdrop to the designated location. (Equipped as loadout).
  • Bonfire: A bonfire that regenerates EP/HP for you and your teammates with the area. (Equipped as loadout).
  • Scan: Shows the number of players remaining in the plane and reveals nearby players when parachuting.
  • Universal Fragment: This can be transformed into the Memory Fragment of any Characters.

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