COD Mobile Unbelievable Scorestreaks Tips and Tricks

Call of Duty Mobile has so much amazing stuff in the game, which leads the players to think about if he does this, then what will the result be? If you have one of such questions in your mind, then you are at the right place, because today in this post we are going to share with you the results of some crazy experiments we did in the game. So let's Begin:


Can Jumping At the right time save you from Gravity Spikes?

Are you fed up getting killed by gravity spikes every time in COD Mobile, then let us tell you that Jumping Can save you from enemy's gravity spikes. All you have to do is simply tap on the Jump button and the right time, and you are safe to get back in the fight.

Gravity Spikes work only on the ground, and if you are in the air when the enemy hits the ground with the gravity spikes, it won't affect you. Meaning you will land safe, and then you can simply kill the enemy.

It might take you some time to understand and perfect this trick, but once you feed this into your muscle memory, then you will barely die to any enemy using gravity spikes.

Can Predator Missile single shot a XS1 Goliath?

Enemy XS1 Goliath can really be Pain, and they can turn your easy victory into a defeat. But keep this in mind that Predator Missile is the only thing in the entire Call of Duty Mobile, which can kill XS1 Goliath in just one shot.

Predator Missile deals a large amount of damage, which is more than enough to destroy XS1 Goliath in one go. However, keep in mind that you are already aware of the position of enemy XS1 Goliath before using the Predator missile because it's very difficult to figure out enemy XS1 Goliath from the Predator missile camera in the air.

Also, if you are using XS1 Goliath, then don't forget to rush inside a building as soon as you hear 'Enemy Preadator Missile incoming.'

Is it possible to Kill Enemy using Care Package?

Yes, If the care package lands on an enemy, he will die, and you will also get points for the kill. However, the Care Package does not distinguish between teammates and enemies. Anyone who comes under it during the time of its landing will die, even if it's you.

Can Trophy System stop a VTOL?

VTOL is the best Scorestreak in Call of Duty Mobile; it's the most difficult one to get, but keep this in mind that when the enemy gets a VTOL, you can save yourself by placing a Trophy System.

However, remember Trophy System will save you only from a couple of shots from VTOL. You can place the Trophy System then aim for VTOL using Rocket Launchers to take it down.

Can you Put Sticky Nade on teammates and kill enemies?

Sticky Nade can be very annoying, and people use it in very different ways, but what if you put a sticky nade on your teammate and kill enemies, crazy right! , But Yes, it is possible - if you put a sticky nade on your teammates, and if they are close to enemies, then your enemies will be killed, and your teammates will not have a single scratch on them.

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