League of Legends: Wild Rift Gameplay Details

Riot Games has just published a video on its League of Legends: Wild Rift Youtube Channel announcing the Alpha Test of the game. They further talked about the champions, skins, monetization style, gameplay, and other stuff. Today in this post, we will focus entirely on the Gameplay aspect of LoL Wild Rift. So let's begin:


Similar to PC

In the video, Jonathan Chao, the lead of gameplay and balance team on Wild Rift, stated that the gameplay of LoL Mobile would look pretty similar to League Players. Starting from Champ Selection, just like on PC, players can select from a range of Summoner Speels to give them powerful but limited tools to turn the tide of the battles.

Wild Rift Rune System

Talking of Wild Rift's rune system, the developers are looking to bring the meaningful pre-game decision making of Runes Reforged on PC but streamlined for shorter game sessions.

There are 8 keystone runes to choose from, like Electrocute, Aery, and Conqueror. You can then pick 3 minor runes to complement your choice. There are also going to be few new minor runes unique to the Wid Rift like Sweeth Tooth, which grants you gold when you eat honey fruit and loyalty which gives you and your lane partner defensive stats when you're close to each other.

Features of Map

There are three lanes in the Rift. Pick one and push forward. Defeat the enemy turrets and Nexus to win.

Shorter Matches

Wild Rift still has all the phases of a League game that you would expect, but shortened into 15 to 20 minutes. From last hitting and trading in the laning phase, to setting up the perfect gank, to fighting over that crucial dragon, to clutch team fights. LoL, Moble has everything you thought.

In-Game Items

You can expect to find many in-game items you'll know from the PC, which can only be bought in the fountain. While the numbers and tuning of items may be different, their purpose is almost identical.

For instance, Rabadon's Deathcap is still the go-to item for stacking up your Ability Power. And Trinity Force still deals tons of damage. However, there will be a few new items as well

Wild Rift also features many familiar active items, but each player can only purchase one. These active effects are now bought as a third tier for boots, and you can mix and match any upgrade with any boot type.

The game also features a quick-buy popup for when you really need to get back to lane quickly, too.

Game Modes

Besides 5v5 normal and ranked mode, the game also has Co-op vs. AI available to practice your skills, a tutorial that covers controls and abilities, and more new modes will be added after the launch.


Wild Rift's gameplay has been built with depth and strategy in mind. It is going to be a MOBA that's easy to pick up with friends, with a high ceiling for mastery.

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