Brawl Stars Season End Trophy Reset System Explained

As you all know, throughout a Season of Brawl Stars, we put all our efforts to earn as many trophies as possible. Ultimately, at the end of each season, we have to lose some of them because of the Trophy Reset System introduced by developers to keep everyone at the same level with a fresh season.


In this post, we will share the complete Brawl Stars Trophy Reset Calculator System and explain what happens with the lost trophies. The trophies you lose at the end of the season are not based on your overall trophies, rather on individual trophies of different brawlers you have. At the end of each season, Brawlers, with more than 550 trophies, have to lose some trophies and receive Star Points in exchange for them.

Season End Trophy Reset System:

Brawler TrophiesTrophies After ResetStar Points Awarded

How To Earn & Use Star Points In Brawl Stars:

Apart from the above-mentioned method of getting Star Points after Trophy reset. You can earn them by reaching certain ranks of brawlers:

  • Rank 10 = 100 Star Points
  • Rank 15 = 200 Star Points
  • Rank 20 = 300 Star Points
  • Rank 25 = 400 Star Points
  • Rank 30 = 500 Star Points
  • Rank 35 = 600 Star Points

Star Points are also awarded for playing Power Play. At the end of every Power Play Season, players get Star Points based on their Power Play points. In addition, the top 200 players of the word with highest Power Play points get Star Points based on their position.

You can use these star points in the Shop -> Star Shop section. Here Generally, you get to see Brawlers skins for a certain amount of Star Points. Apart from that, you can also use Star Points for Brawl Boxes. You will get the option, not in the Star Shop, but in the Daily Deals section instead. This offer comes for a limited time when the season ends with the cap of once per season deal.

  • Big Box = 500 Star Points
  • Mega Box = 1500 Star Points

Now you must have understood how the Trophy reset takes place with the end of each season. You also have understood how to get the Star Points and use them to buy various items.

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