Call of Duty Mobile To Finally Get Free HBRa3 Gun

According to the COD Community, HBRa3 is the best gun in the entire Call of Duty Mobile game. Even iFerg, who is often referred to as the best COD Mobile Player, has ranked HBRa3 as the number 1 gun for pushing ranks.


However, the twist here is that HBRa3 was added to the game a couple of months back, the gun is a premium weapons that can only be gained by spending real money and currently there is no way to get it for free. Though this has been highly criticized by the entire Call of Duty Mobile community as it makes the game very unfair.

It’s been months but Activision has not listened to anyone, and the PRO Players have been using HBRa3 to completely wreak the free-to-play players. But now it looks like Activision finally has heard the cries of the community, and they will be releasing the Free version of HBRa3 Gun in Call of Duty Mobile very soon.

Previously time and again, there have been many rumors that Free HBRa3 Gun Version is coming in CODM, but all turned out to be false.

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But today in the latest CODM community update published by Activision on the official Reddit forum. Activision has finally confirmed that they will be adding a Free HBRa3 Gun in Call of Duty Mobile. However, they have stated that since they have already added a lot of exciting content this month so they will not be releasing it in May, but players will get an option to get free HBRa3 in the next month i.e., June.