Call of Duty: Mobile Top 2 Blue Perks + New Blue Perk

It's easy to lose track of all the elements that impact your gameplay, which is why it's important to talk about basics and reevaluate what we have on our hands at the start of a new season. Perks sway your gameplay a lot and the pay-off of a good set of perks is heavy.



If you want to get scorestreaks faster in the game, this is the perk for you. Hardline increases the points earned with kills by 25%. This means every kill gets you closer to a scorestreak. It would make sense to pair this perk with Persistence perk as the grind for points will be a bit easier. Hardline is mostly a versatile perk because it can be equipped in almost every map and mode with its primary goal being easier access to scorestreaks.


This perk is considered overpowered in the pro scene. Dead silence is perhaps the most underrated perk in the pubs because most people don't try it to see how useful it is. The perk is simple - it grants silent movement. But that simplicity entails being able to sneak around the whole map going unnoticed. Forget versatility, this perk is a must-have in every class. In most cases, the opponents can hear you across the map and will be able to cross-map you effortlessly. Especially if you add the blue perk Alert into the mix, which enables you to hear enemy footsteps better. Almost every try-hard player plays with a good quality pair of headphones, so it's quintessential to mask your movement the best you can.

If you want to push it a step further, Dead Silence can be paired with the green perk Ghost, and with a silencer on all your weapons you would be completely invisible and pain to the opponent team. Firing shots won't make you show up on the mini-map (suppressor), UAV won't reveal your location (Ghost perk) and people won't be able to see you coming because of the lack of footsteps.


Much like the upcoming red perk Overkill which allows two primary guns, Shrapnel allows two lethals. But to add to that, the lethals slow down the health regeneration of the opponents. Molotov also has this effect on the opponents. If you are a Trip Mine user, you can put two TMs in two opposite locations on the map and get two kills. With grenades, you can spam explosives and get streak kills.

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