Push'em All By VOODOO: Beginners' Guide, Tips & Tricks

Push'em All, the game which is defined in its name. The developer Voodoo did an amazing job in creating yet another casual and addictive game with simple graphics. The players will pass from a series of different levels within the game. 

The aim is to clear the platform and push all the enemies into the pit. This might sometimes get tricky, so make sure to go through this guide and easily find a way out for every level. Here we go


Watch Your Steps

As already mentioned, the real deal of the game is to just push your enemies down from the wedge. You'll have a number of tools that will act as a weapon to push those kinky characters. This is a simple job, isn't it? But, let me remind you that if the enemies can fall down, your character can too slip down the edge to death. 

In other words, the playing arena will shrink as you progress through the game. Lesser area means more chance of you to become carelessly end your journey. One miss-calculated step could fail you the level. So, try to walk slowly and avoid standing near the edges.

Last Zombie Standing

Clearing a zone in the Push'em All is not for players with a weak heart. You must be fast and ruthless; those zombies don't stand any mercy! Due to the mazed shape of platforms, sometimes keeping track of all the zombies can be tricky and difficult. As you will be focused on pushing in the center, some of the creeps might pop up at the sides and push you down. 

Try to look for the red directional arrows that point towards the last batch of enemies. Follow the directions and destroy the zombies that were planning to throw you. Use the boomerang or the rocket launcher to see them flying over the wedges. Kaboom!

Push every Zombie out of the Way

In the beginning, there might not be enough zombies. But, as you will progress in later stages, they will give you a hard time. The red-colored are the common ones, whereas the yellow giants and blue shooters will also appear randomly. 

No doubt, you can just ignore them and rush towards the endpoint to claim victory, we will suggest a different approach. You should take your time and wipe all of them. This will not only increase your coins, but the game will reward you with the full package. There is no time limit and do remember, "Slow and steady wins the race."

Combo Meter- Nightmare for Zombies

Initially, you'll get the Wizards Rod to dispose off the zombies out of your way. Later on, boomerang, rocket launcher, spinning blades etc. will be at your service. They will act both as a weapon and a shield to defend against enemy attacks. 

For emergency situations, the player can trigger a special attack to wipe off a large area in one go. Every weapon comes with a different specialty. But, you must fill up the attack meter in order to use the ability. Try knocking out zombies in quick succession to charge the combo-meter quickly.

Aim for the Shooters

Shooters are the toughest category of zombies that you will encounter. They can blast cannons and knock you down without coming near. They don't move much and fire standing from one place. In the worst-case scenario, you'll get hit by the missiles and fall into the abyss. 

So, as soon as you land on the platform, rush towards the Shooters and make them your priority to kill. Push them with your weapon, and don't let them shoot you. Later, deal with other enemies and make sure they don't give you a sneaky push from the back. If you are not careful enough, the pink zombies being the fastest can quickly go behind your back and eventually will end your run.

Push'em all is available to download for both Android and iOS devices.