Pubg Mobile: This Is Why You Should Not Attack The Vending Machine

PUBG Mobile, in a tweet, warned the players that they should not attack the vending machine as it may alert the nearby teams. For the starters, Tencent Games in the latest PUBG Mobile updated has revamped the Miramar map introducing new weather system, a golden mirado, new compounds and ridges, race tracks, and vending machines.


The in-game vending machines dispense energy drinks that players can get to recover their health. Just like any real-life vending machines, it may dispense one or more energy drinks depending on your luck. Though it may sometimes frustrate you or your team-mates, and you may burst it out on the vending machines.

PUBG Mobile, in a post, warned the players not to burst or damage the vending machine. This is because these machines will ring an alert on receiving damage, which gives out your location to nearby enemies, who may take this opportunity to gain more kills in their favor.

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