Free Fire Getting 'Grim Reaper' Mode With OB22 Update

The developers have started making official announcements about the Free Fire OB22 Update upcoming features. The new OB22 update is expected to release on the 3rd June 2020 with a brand new gold Roayle Pass. As a part of the announcements, developers have revealed that a new mode called 'Grim Reaper' will be added into the game with the OB22 update.


Earlier, we reported about a new mode called 'Redemption' that was also announced by the Free Fire Brazil's twitter handle, but after some time, the post was taken back. The announcements on twitter take place with a banner of the new feature. By looking at both the modes' banner, it can be said that the earlier announcement was a mistake on the developers.

The banner shared with both the announcements is the same but with different names of modes such as Redemption and Grim Reaper. Below we have attached both the banners for your understanding.

Now coming to the recent announcements of Free Fire New Grim Reaper Mode, the developers asked the players to register and download the Free Fire Advance Server from here because there you can test the new Grim Reaper Mode. Below we have shared the gameplay details of Free Fire New Grim Reaper Mode.

In Grim Reaper mode, at the starting of the match, you get to choose 1 out of 4 equipment sets to be used in the match. Using the weapons, you kill the enemies, and after that, collect Fire Balls dropped from them. By collecting the balls, you fill the red circle made on your screen. As the circle fills completely, a red button appears on your screen. By clicking on the button, you become a huge ghost with a lot of HP.

As you become a ghost, your weapon will get swapped with something similar to a huge Axe. Also, the ghost has the special ability to move fast for which the Cooldown is 3 seconds. After becoming a ghost, you cannot attack enemies from away, so you have to go near them to attack. Also, you have a lot of HP as compared to human players to balance both sides. If you get killed, you respawn somewhere on the map and again start the same thing.

Each round of the Grim Reaper mode maximum lasts for 10 minutes. To win a match, you need to fill the red bar on your screen that only fills when you make kills as a ghost. The one to fill this bar first becomes the winner. So basically, in Grim Reaper mode, you need to make kills as a human to unlock ghost ability. After becoming the ghost make kills as fast as possible and fill the red bar before everyone else to win the match.

Apart from the new mode 'Grim Reaper,' a lot of other new features such as new character 'Wolfrahh,' new gun 'M82B', New Pet 'Falcon', and much more are making its way to the game. Don't forget to register and download the Free Fire OB22 Advance Server to experience all the upcoming features before global release.

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