Rules of Survival Will Get a New Rank 'Master' in Season 8

Hello Rules of Survival Players, The Season 7 of the game has come to an end, and it's time for Rules of Survival Season 8. Are you guys Ready for the new season? Anyways, in this post we are going to sharing with you an interesting news of Rules of Survival Game. So NetEase Games have officially announced that in Season 8 of Rules of Survival they are going to add a new rank in the game called 'Master'.

Rules of Survival Get's new Rank called 'Master'

The offical Facebook Page of Rules of Survival Game stated that 'When the new season begins, a new Tier called "Master" will be added, lower than Grand Master & higher than Diamond. In Addition there will be some new rules on Tier that players in Gold IV, Platinum V, Diamond V, Master VI and Grand Master will keep their current Tier if they lose some points.'

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So What are you views about this introduction of new Rank in the Rules of Survival, Are you happy, sad or excited? Do let us know in the comments section below.