Free Fire OB22 Update Confirmed Details: New Character Wolfrahh, New Pet Falco, M82B Gun & Much More

The time is approaching for a new update in Free Fire that is going to be the OB22 Update of the game. The last OB21 Update was released at the starting of April 2020, and the upcoming Free Fire OB22 update is expected to release at the starting of June 2020. Just like every Update, the new update will bring a lot of new features. In this post, we are going to share with you all the confirmed Free Fire OB22 update features.


There are a lot of rumors and leaks which we also share with the enthusiast Free Fire players, but this post is going to be something different. Leaving apart the leaks and rumors, in this post, we will be sharing only those features that have been confirmed officially by the developers.

New Character - Wolfrahh

With the OB22 update, a new character called 'Wolfrahh' will be making its way to Free Fire. The Free Fire Wolfrahh character is going to be a male character with attractive looks. Just like all the characters available in Free Fire, Wolfrahh also owns a special skill that makes it different from others.

The special skill of Wolfrahh is called the 'Center of Attraction.' His special skills reduce the damage given to enemies by headshots while increases the damage given on the enemy's arms and legs. The special skill is going to help you a lot in the close combats, as it is hard to aim at the head in close combats.

New Mode - Grim Reaper

A new mode called 'Grim Reaper' will be added into the game with the OB22 update. The developers did not share much information about the new mode, but they have given said a little bit. In this mode, you are going to collect the opponent's souls, and whoever is going to kill more opponents in less time will win the match.

New Gun - M82B

The OB22 Update will bring a new gun called 'M82B' to the Free Fire. The Free Fire M82B Gun is going to be Sniper Rifle. But the new M82B sniper gun is not going to spawn on the map like the other loot items. It is going to be a rare weapon that will be available in the airdrops in the Classic matches.

There must be some advantage of this rare weapon. So the advantage of Free Fire M82B sniper gun is, it deals higher damage to the enemies as compared to all other guns available in the Free Fire. Even Kar98 cannot compete with the sniper. It is going to bring a new gameplay experience in the big maps like Kalahari. As in this desert-based map, it is hard to spot enemies, and close combats rarely take place.

New Pet - Falco

Free Fire will be getting its first-ever bird pet with the OB22 update in the game. The new pet is called 'Falco,' and just like every pet in Free Fire, it also comes with a unique skill that helps the player on the battlefield. The unique skill of Free Fire Falco Pet is called 'Flying Free Skill.'

While jumping, the Falco increases the speed of glider, and when the parachute opens, the pet increases the speed of falling. The pet is very useful for players who love to make hot drops because it will make you land before others by increasing the gliding and parachuting speed. So you get the chance to land and pick guns before everyone else.

New Lobby

The rumors were of a 3D lobby and introduction of Free Fire Max, but nothing is going to happen like this. Free Fire OB22 will bring a new lobby that will be based on summer them. The lobby's background will be a beach with Umbrella, Beach Chair, A Big Ball, and other things.

Arctic Blue Bundle In Magic Cube

For a very long time, players are asking the developers on various social media handles to add the 'Arctic Blue' bundle in the Magic Cube Store. It seems like the developers have listened to the Free Fire enthusiasts. Apart from that, 'The Street Bundle' is also expected to be added to the Magic Cube Store.

New Waiting Area

A new waiting arena will be added in the Free Fire with OB22 update. The waiting area is the place where you wait for 50 to 60 seconds for all the players to connect before the match starts. The new waiting area is full of tall buildings or skyscrapers. However, you are not allowed to enter the buildings, but the new look is really nice.

New Plane

With OB22 update, the plane will also get a new look. Just like the new lobby, the plane will also be based on the Summer theme. You will get to see Umbrella, Sea, and other things painted on the plane. It seems like the OB22 update is going to being various things based on the summer theme.

As of now, these are the new features being added in the game with Free Fire OB22 update. Bookmark Mobile Mode Gaming, and visit the page daily for new features as we will Keep on adding the newly announced features in this post only.

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