PUBG Mobile: Ancient Secret Event Details

PUBG Mobile has come with the most exciting events of all time. The much-awaited feature in Season 14 is finally out, and the Ancient Secret has arrived with a free login lobby skin of the Ancient Temple for the players. Ancient Secret Event is available in Classic Maps of Erangel and Miramar. The event is live from 4th August 2020 to 11th September 2020.

The Ancient Secret is available on Erangel and Miramar Map. The match will start as normal spawn on the spawn island. The exclusive features in the map are the two pillars icon at every city on the map. Three unique temples are randomly available anywhere on the map.


The pillars are the ruins similar to the Spark the Flame tents. The ruins contain excellent but not legendary loot. There are also the exclusive Ancient Secret Temple Puzzles and Riddles, which the player can solve. After solving it correctly, the player is rewarded with loot, which contains weapons, ammunition, or attachments.

The temples and ruins are themed on the Egyptian Pharaoh. The match starts as a normal match, but at the spawn island, an ancient ruin will appear from the corner of the map. The sky will darken, and a huge figure made of dust will appear from the temple ruins.

Each pillar has a ruin that contains a locked treasure chest with puzzles and riddles. The puzzles are not so hard and can be easily solved to get loot. The players can also get 'cursed by the Pharaoh' after which they will look like a mummy for a limited time.


You have to rush quickly at the Three Large size structures on the map as they will rise high and fly around after a few minutes. They are the Ancient Secrets Temple. Inside the room, there are four rooms with puzzles and treasure chests. The player has to solve this to get good loot.

Players can stay inside the temple when the temple flies. It will fly you into the safe zone. After some time, the message will appear that the guardian door has been opened, and you have to face the guardian and finish it. Head upstairs into a large room and activate two relics, after which the guardian angel will appear and attack.

You have to stock up ammo and health as to defeat the guardian angel. The guardian angel has variously moved like snakes, shockwaves, etc. You need to be familiar with the type of attack. It can also target you with some Area of Effect fire attacks. The snakes can be shot while the other attacks can be dodged by looking at the markers.


The snakes and angels have less mobility, so you can easily navigate them. Once you defeat the guardian angel, a treasure chest with legendary loot will be available. It will contain loot similar to that of a Flare Drop.

After the fight with the guardian angel, the size of the zone will be reduced, and the other temples might be near to yours. So be aware as they will too have high-level loot. After some time, the temple will be disintegrated, and players will be parachuted back to the ground. So don't wait and start enjoying the all-new Ancient Secrets theme.

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