PUBG Mobile: New Safety Scramble mode Explained - Campers Beware

The new update coming to PUBG Mobile will feature lots of new skins, events, and rewards. However, these are not the only things coming with the update. Also added to PUBG Mobile will be a brand new mode called Safety Scramble. Here we take a look at the feature, it's working, and how to adapt your gameplay around it.


One of the most frustrating things in PUBG is the large number of players who resort to camping. Campers reach a safe zone early on and stay there, waiting for the number of players to dwindle as well as attacking any unsuspecting players.

Such gameplay, even though guaranteeing a high rank, is detrimental to the spirit of PUBG and shooter games in general. Players resort to hiding about rather than improving their skills to gain a victory over others. Additionally, players who manage to land inside a safe zone practically just wait out the entire game at the exact same spot while picking out players rushing towards it.

In short, camping gives an unfair advantage to the players practicing it. Now, it seems, even Tencent has noticed this widespread practice and devised a clever solution to it - Safety Scramble Mode.

Safety Scramble adds a blue circle inside the safe zone. Anyone inside this blue zone will take a similar damage as the blue zone closing in. Thus even hardcore campers will have to keep moving around the map to escape this zone.

This feature is expected to make the game more dynamic and reduce the camping spots on the map. However, now the action will be shifted to the edge of this blue zone. For players who are confident in their ability, rushing to these edges to fight it out is the way to go.

However, if you are not a pro-player and would rather survive longer, it is recommended that you keep an adequate pace in the game. You will need to either stay at the outer edge of the safe zone where opponents are expected to be minimum or in the middle area. Regardless of the tactics one chooses, it is certain that camping will be greatly reduced in the game.

Currently, the feature is available as a separate mode and only for the Erangel map. There isn't much expectation that other maps will be added to this mode.

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