Call Of Duty Mobile: Rust Map Tips And Tricks

The new season of Call Of Duty: Mobile has brought a plethora of changes in the game. From the extensive Tier progression update to new operators and weapons, the season of "Once Upon a Time In Rust" has it all. But the fan-favorite map "Rust" is what the update had been marketing since the new season's announcement. Rust is amazing for a really fast-paced face off. But the popular map can be really frustrating if you don't have the right strategy. Here are a few tips and tricks that might give you an edge over your opposition.


The map made its debut in the iconic Modern Warfare 2 game. It's relevant today because of how intricate the map is despite its seemingly smaller area. Both long-range and close-quarters combat is widely possible. The high tower positioned in the center, the open area towards the left, and all the shipment containers, pipes, and barricades bordering the map gives a chance for mixing up a variety of gameplay.

With the constrictive, maze-like areas towards the right, expect Close Quarters Combat. Sub Machine Guns like the PDW and practically any of the Shotguns can decimate the opponent team in seconds.

The Tower is a boon for snipers and mid-range shooting. There are two levels in the tower that can be accessed by either by the exhaust pipes from the bottom center or the ladder from the bottom of the tower itself. The first level provides a view of almost all of the Rust's Hardpoint and Domination spots. Hence you can provide crucial support to your team members by slowing down your opponents. There is ample cover for incoming fire as well on the first level. The BK57 or the M4 can be very effective mid-range weapons here.

Call Of Duty Mobile

The second level provides a full view of the enemy spawning spots in the bottom left corner and the top right corner. This is an excellent sniper support position for Domination and Frontline modes. Keep in mind that there's not much cover here from the open areas on the left, other than going full prone. You will also have no view of what's happening around the bottom of the tower as well. So choose wisely.

The Oil Derrick situated in the top left corner is ignored by many. Take a position and ambush the incoming opponents from the open area of the left side.

Operators like Hive can kill enemies instantly if fired at the maze's blind spots. Death Machine is also effective in the open areas of Rust. Aerial Scorestreaks are the way to go because of the lack of top covers in the map, other than the shipment containers, and the tower's bottom area. VTOL can be devastating because of the open spawn spots.

Call Of Duty: Mobile is available on Google Play and App Store.