PUBG Mobile Dew Arena is here With the Prize Pool of 11 Lakh INR

Hello PUBG Mobile Gamers, if you love to play PUBG Mobile and take participation in the tournaments, then here is a good news for you that Dew Arena is going to conduct the PUBG Mobile Dew Arena with the Prize Pool of 11 Lakh INR, which is without any entry fee. Dew Arena is an Esports Event which is brought to you by PapsiCo India Holdings Private Ltd. All the players of 16 yrs. of age or above are eligible to play PUBG Mobile Dew Arena but the restriction is that the player must be residing in India only.


To register for the tournament you need to fill the registration form and join the organizers official discord server. On discord you will be provided with the private room ID and password by using which you can play the tournament matches. The organizers conduct 100 matches daily from which the winner gets the 50 RS voucher and the Entry Pass for the Qualifier match.

Rules of PUBG Mobile Dew Arena

  1. The participants must be above the age of 16 yrs. or above.
  2. Must be Resident of India to take part in PUBG Mobile Dew Arena.
  3. Participants below 18 yrs. of age must take official permission from their guardian.
  4. Employees or Family Members related to PepsiCo India cannot participate.
  5. Only official PUBG Mobile APK is allowed, without and Mod or Hack.
  6. A participant can participate multiple times in a single day.

The duration of the PUBG Mobile Dew Arena is from 5th July, 2019 to 2nd October, 2019. There is an attractive prize pool of 11 Lakh INR which will definitely result in the huge participation from the PUBG Mobile lovers. So register now and join the discord channel to get the room details, take part in the 100s of daily matches to try your luck and if got successful take part in the Qualifier Match (Daily 1) and make you way to the finals.

PUBG Mobile Dew Arena Prize for Winners

Daily MatchesRS 50 voucher and entry Pass to Qualifiers
Qualifier MatchRS 5000 and Entry Pass to Finals
Final MatchRS 2 Lakh to the Winner

How to Register for PUBG Mobile Dew Arena

  1. Visit the official website:
  2. Search for PUBG Mobile;
  3. Fill the Registration form and Verify you E-Mail Address;
  4. Join the discord server, link of which has been sent through E-Mail/SMS;
  5. Match details will be provided through discord.
  6. Play Matches and Win Prizes.

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