Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6 Weapon Buffs And Nerfs Patch Notes

Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 will be called 'Wild West,' and it is going to be released in the game on 1st May 2020. As we all know with every new season in Call of Duty Mobile lot of new content and changes are made to the game and today in this post, we are going to share with you the complete details of all the Weapons getting either a buff or nerf in this upcoming Call of Duty Mobile Season 6.


Knowing the changes being made to the weapons in the new season in COD Mobile will give you an early advantage over your opponents, you will quickly be able to choose the new best gun in Call of Duty Mobile while other will be playing with the old best weapons. So let's check out the weapon patch notes of Call of Duty Mobile Season 6.

Multiplayer Mode


  • Improved ADS speed and accuracy of ICR-1
  • Improved accuracy when shooting from M4LMG, RPD and BK57
  • Improved shooting stability of UL736 and S36
  • Increased damage and reduced the Reload time of HVK30
  • Improved the accuracy and stability of MSMC


  • Reduced the accuracy of Man-O-War
  • Reducing the ADS speed of HBRa3, M4LMG and RPD


  • The enemy HIVE trap is now visible marked with a red mark
  • Reduced% of the time to aim Perk Agile.
  • Reduced the maximum bullet from the Death Machine Skill Operator
  • Reduced gasoline capacity of the Skill Purifier Operator
  • Reduced cooldown from Gravity Spikes Skill Operators
  • Reduced flight duration for VTOL Scorestreak
  • Reduced flight duration for the Scorestreak Stealth Chopper
  • Shock RC can only electrocute a maximum of 2 enemies

Battle Royale

  • Aerial Platform locations are no longer the same and they are not always there
  • Aerial platforms can now be achieved with Zipline
  • Layout optimization of Crash, Killhouse, Diner, Standoff, Pipeline, Firing Range, and Nuclear Plant
  • Optimization of the Launch base location. Players can get past it by gliding.
  • Reduced damage and HP from Cerberus, increasing the prize received when he loses
  • Increased damage from Safe Zone when the Zone is small.
  • Removed protection from Armor against Frag Grenades and Cluster Grenades
  • Significantly increased the durability of the Armor.
  • Significantly increased the charge time speed of the Ejection Device (Skill Class Airbone).
  • Increased HP recovery speed when using Medical Station (Skill Class Medic)
  • Increased the range and speed of Grapple Hook (Ninja Class Skill)
  • Reduced the duration and slow effects of EMP Drone (Skill Class Mechanic)
  • Reduced the detection area of ​​the Dart Sensor (Skill Class Scout)
  • Increased game tempo at the start of Warfare mode
  • S36 and GKS have been added to Battle Royale mode
  • Annihilator revolvers have been added to Battle Royale mode
  • Added Legendary Attachments: Heavy Mag, Shotgun Suppressor, and Laser Sight
  • Increased War Machine damage to players with armor
  • Increased damage for Lethal equipment for players with armor
  • Increased damage from M16
  • Increased melee damage from Chicom
  • Increased melee damage from PDW57, RUS79U, and MSMC
  • Improved the stability of shooting from MSMC
  • Fixed ping problems when using a vehicle.
  • Fixed an issue where items that restore HP could be used when the HP was full.
  • Fixing issues where parachutes can get caught in buildings

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