Standoff 2 Gets A Massive Update - Introducing Seasons, New Weapons, and More!

Axlebolt, the developers and publisher of Standoff 2, has just announced that the brand new update 0.13.0 is now live in Stanoff 2, and it will bring lots of new and exciting content for the players.


New Season

We have seen almost every game getting a seasonal system, be it Fornite, PUBG or even Clash of Clans and now the seasonal system have made its way to Standoff 2, starting from this update players can now take part in the pursuit of items from the exclusive 'Project Z9' collection, completing battle pass tasks.

A New Temporary Mode

With the introduction of this new update, there is currently a new temporary mode in Standoff 2, and it's called Interception. In this mode, the terrorists' goal is to break into the armored vehicle and carry as many containers with samples of the deadly virus as they can. The Counter-Terrorist team must show their excellence and defend the vehicle so that the enemies could take as few as possible. As a timer stops, teams switch the sides, and match results will be determined by the second round.

Zone 9

No doubt, one of the most popular maps in Standoff 2. Zone 9 is back in the game with new balance and new characters.


Province also has a new balance, landscapes, and characters.

New Guns

Both team's arsenal is strengthened with two new weapons: the MP5, the submachine gun, and the FabM, pump shotgun.

In-game adjustment

To motivate the attacking team to achieve their main goal, the reward system has been changed. Now, all team members get an additional $800 for planting a bomb. If it hasn't been set by the end of the round, and the defense team wins, survived attackers won't get compensation for the loss.

The 0.13.0 update is already live in Standoff 2, and you can update it now via Google Play or App Store.