Dead By Daylight Mobile Basic Survivor Tips And Tricks

You must have already heard the news that Behaviour Interactive has released the Dead By Daylight Mobile version this month, and we are pretty sure most of you will be playing it for the very first time. But Don't worry, we won't let you die in this 1v4 online multiplayer so easily. Today in this post, we are going to share with you Top 5 Dead By Daylight Mobile Basic Survivor Tips and Tricks, which as a beginner, you should know to easily escape in your very next round. So let's begin:


Here are Few Basic Dead By Daylight Mobile Survivor Tips and Tricks:

How To Detect the Killer

Killers are huge and very easy to spot. Survivors also have 3rd Person camera while the Killer has a 1st Person Camera. Meaning you can easily spot him.

But even after these advantages, the survivors have some extra methods by which they can detect the killers. The most important of which is your heartbeat. Always keep an eye on your heart; if the Killer gets closer, your heart will pump rapidly.

Some experience survivors have trained them so much that they can guess how far the Killer is by just looking at the character's heartbeat.

Use the 3rd Person View

As we mentioned above, Killer has a 1st Person view while your survivors have a 3rd Person view. So if you have players games like PUBG Mobile or any other shooter with 3rd Person camera, you already know how it works.

So use this to your advantage. Until and unless you are right in front of the Killer, he can't see you. But you can!

You Better Crouch

To put it in very simple words as a survivor, you would never want the Killer to spot you. So to avoid being caught, always crouch and stroll; this way, you will not lead any scratch marks and making it tough for the Killer to find you.

But once you have been spotted, don't stick to this strategy; you better run!

How to Win a Chase

So you did not listen to us, and now the Killer has spotted you, and the chase is on. So how do you survive? Well, you need to know that killers are faster than the survivor, so there is no sense in trying to outrun him in an open field.

Keep in mind that Survivors can vault over windows and pallets very quickly while killers cant. Survivors can throw down pallets and objects to put an obstacle between themselves and the Killer. So use them, ok?

Play as Team

There are 4 Survivor and 1 Killer for a reason in the game. Survivor can increase their chances of escaping by helping each other and playing as a team.

Survivors can heal each other even without a med-kit. Survivors can rescue each other from the hook and prevent the sacrifice but don't straight away go to rescue your teammate, you better asses the situation and make sure that you have enough time to help him without getting yourself in trouble.

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Dead By Daylight Mobile is available to download for free on Google Play and Apple Appstore.