Vilmonic Game Review: The Ultimate Simulation Game

Vilmonic is a simulation game developed by Bludgeonsoft. This is the first game by this developer. So, it is yet to be seen how this game performs in the globally competitive world of mobile gaming.


In Vilmonic, it is like a virtual living realm of possibilities. The main objective of the game is to bring back the life, which is at the brink of extinction. In this game, you can even experiment with natural selection and artificial selection. Crafting tools, constructing buildings, and changing the environment are a crucial part of this game.

As you dig up ancient technology, you uncover the hidden and strange past. This game is a simulation of the survival of the race and exploration at the same time.

You can determine the shape, or morphology of Animatroid by its genes. Animatroids have external sensors (motion/scent/water) and internal sensors (hunger/stress/thirst). Animatroids' brains have attraction/repulsion relationships between these sensors. It is these relationships that determine each Animatroid's behavior.

The game revolves around the fact that you are the sole survivor of your species, and you have to bring it back from the brink of extinction. You must do anything you need to survive. Destroy the other species and control the tremendously savage, the Animatroids!

You can build buildings and even craft items according to your choice to ensure your primal survival. Real-life factors like gene mutation and offspring reproduction are the main forces in play here.

You have to work your sweat off in this game to reach your goal and bring back the life forms. In this world, you are no God, meaning; you have no Godlike powers. You shall see dangerous toxic wastes to increase reproductive mutation rates on a nuclear level. To speed up the progress, you must drink sugary beverages, and you will also get a better view of the process of evolution.


The game offers so much in just 13 MegaBytes, you can experience the making of a whole new species with your own eyes, and you will be the one to do that. The best thing about this game is its closeness to scientific reality. The fact that you can control mutations and biodiversity with nuclear radiations is so spectacular that you feel like a biological scientist yourself.

While the graphic quality may be a downside, you should not be fooled by its minimalistic graphics. Once you install the game, you will see for yourself how much this game is offering you in such a small package.

Vilmonic is available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.