Tencent Is Developing Apex Legends Mobile

At the end of last year, Electronic Arts did confirm that they see Apex Legends as a long time success, and they have plans to bring it to the mobile platform very soon. EA's CFO Blake Jorgensen even confirmed that the mobile version of Apex Legend will be launched in 2021.

We can confirm you all that Apex Legends Mobile is already in development as, During a recent Q&A's Session, EA's CFO Blake Jorgensen mentioned that they are working with a partner in china to develop the Apex Legends Mobile Version.


Rolling mobile out in China, you need to have a partner, and we’re—as we’ve said in the prepared remarks today—we’re working with a partner there, and we’re very excited about the opportunity. That partner is also helping us develop a mobile Apex for the globe—more to come on that in terms of timing.

Blake Jorgensen

EA has not mentioned who this partner in china is. But we can say it for sure that's it's no other than either Tencent Games of NetEase Games.


As we all know, Tencent Games is the face behind Call of Duty Mobile, Pubg Mobile, Arena of Valor, and many other big titles. The company is the highest-earning mobile gaming studio in the world. NetEase, on the other hand, is referred to as just next to Tencent Games in all these achievements.

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Tencent, in the past, has developed mobile games for various big PC title. The best example is PUBG Mobile. In Short, Tencent loves making mobile games of huge titles, and we are 100% sure that Electronic Arts has partner with Tencent Games to develop and release Apex Legends Mobile.