'LOL Wild Rift' Brazil Closed Beta Test Leaks

A closed beta test (CBT) of 'League of Legends: Wild Rift' took place recently, there are some leaks from the public test spot about the game. The leaks have been shared by YikeZ; he told his friend was in the beta test center and also gave some details about it, which has been shared below.


Closed Beta Details from Brazil Wild Rift Public Test Spot:

Q1. On which phone I played, and on what quality?

I played on an iPhone 8s with everything at its best, and the game was smooth, spotless.

Q2. How was the ping?

I don't know where the server was from, but every game I played with ping totally in the green, without any crash.

Q3. How long does the departure take?

I gave two quadra kill and carried the game, even if I got too strong. It is not possible to finish the game very fast; the rounds usually last for around 18 minutes.

Q4. Is this frantic like that of PC? Competitive will be good?

As I never played League of Legends on PC, so I can't comment on it. But everyone there who played the PC LOL said that both PC and Mobile versions are very alike. I strongly bet in the competitive, since there are more people on mobile platforms than PC.

Q5. Has item from Jungle or Support?

As we are used to mobile MOBAs, it will be an adaptation that has neither Jungle Items nor Support. But there is smite, and the function of the jungle is essential to complete goals. (Jungle items and Support items will probably be added in the future builds).

Q6. Which level gets the ultimate ability?

It is at level 5. If you are a Jungler, as soon as the rotation is over, you will already be at level 5.

Q7. Did you have a character voice?

No, we were not allowed to listen to game audio.

Maximum level players can reach 15, and there are mirrored maps in the game, so even if you are in the red team, the view is on the blue team. There is a total of 29 runes, 15 attack items, 14 defense items, and many activables.

Q8. Which dragons did I kill?

I saw three dragons: infernal, mountain, and clouds. Probably have one more (cloud), and the people who were working there said that there is another stronger dragon, who is the elder dragon.


Herald is huge and able to take towers easily and appears in 4 minutes along with one dragon after that Baron spawns at 8 minutes.

The last hit is always essential, and as well as quite easy, there is a white bar when it is ready to hit. You get more than double gold, so worth the last hit.

There are only two wards per hero, and in the jungle, there are about three wards on each side. So you need help from your teammates. Blast-cons show where exactly you are going to fall, and even if you are ADC, HoneyFruit has to hit from close.

The fog really works; you can only see the jungle if it's inside it like, like blue, you have to be inside the layer.

So these are the latest leaks from the Brazil Closed Beta Test (CBT) of League of Legends: Wild Rift. Thanks to YikeZ & LuDisz.

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