League of Legends Wild Rift is Looking For iOS Beta Testers, Register Now!

League of Legends Mobile, a.k.a Wild Rift is the most awaited mobile MOBA game of the century. Players have been eagerly waiting to get their hands on the game. However, the game's official release date is in 2021, but few selected iOS players can play it in the coming days, as an iOS beta of LoL: Wild Rift is expected to drop shortly.


Riot Games has just announced on their League of Legends Wild Rift social media accounts that they are looking for iOS users who can help them get the game ready (Which means by playing the beta version of the game and providing feedback to the developers). Furthermore, they have asked all the iOS users to register for the upcoming beta version via the game's official website.


A couple of months earlier, Riot Games also hosted an android beta of League of Legends Wild Rift in Brazil, which received positive feedback from the players. Now it looks like that the company also wants to make sure that everything looks good on iOS devices.

However, no details have been revealed about the upcoming Wilf Rift iOS beta, but according to us, it will also be limited to certain regions. Most probably, Asia. Also, there will be a limit of the maximum number of players allowed in this beta, so make sure you register ASAP so that your slot is booked.

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