Black Desert Mobile Has Been Globally Released - Servers Are Open Now!

Pearl Abyss started the pre-downloads of Black Desert Mobile on December 9, and today (December 11), the servers have been opened globally. From December 9 onwards, you were only allowed to customize your character, but now you will be able to play and enjoy the game as well on your mobile devices.


About Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile is the mobile version of Black Desert Online, which is a sandbox-oriented fantasy MMORPG developed by Korean Company Pearl Abyss. This game was published for Windows in 2015, and now it has made its way to mobile in 2019. The mobile version offers you all the in-game contents of the original version. 

As compared to other titles of the same genre, Black Desert Mobile offers things more dynamic. Players freely roam around the battlefield, unleashing a set of different attacks, skills, and spells. The higher you climb through each level, the more power you ultimately wield and the more devastation you inflict. In addition to that, your combos, special attacks, and spells increase in their capacity as you level up.

So get ready for experiencing the thrilling experience on mobile and download Black Desert Mobile on your Android and iOS devices from Google Play Store and App Store, respectively.

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