Top 10 Pokémon Go Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Who is not familiar with the Pokémon cartoon? In 2016 when Niantic released the Pokémon Go mobile game, then it instantly connected with all the kids from the late 90s. Most of the games are made in such a way that they keep you at one place, however, this game forced all the gamers to walk and explore various places just to catch the Pokémon. Here are Top 10 Pokemon Go tricks and tips that will help you play this game even more efficiently.

Top 10 Must-Know Pokemon Go Tips & Tricks:

Don’t forget to transfer a Pokémon for candy

When you have a lot of the same number of Pokémons, then get an option to replace them for some candies. These candies are the energies that would be supplied to other Pokémons who fight for you in the battle. For example, if you have 10 Grounds, you can trade one for the candy and provide energy to strengthen your bench. More the number of similar Pokémons, higher the chances of getting more candies.

Lucky Egg Usage

Lucky Egg is collected when you move around in the game or you update. These eggs increase your XP points two times for 30 minutes. However, don’t use the lucky eggs randomly. Always try to utilize it to level up your trainer. The best place to utilize it is when you enter into a new place and you’re assured of catching a Pokémon.

AR Mode-Turn it off

Playing AR mode gives you a realistic experience about the game. But at the same time, it utilizes more battery and the gameplay becomes even more tough. On the contrasting side, it won’t work on a device having less RAM. Therefore, it is advised to switch it off while playing to catch the Pokémons quite easily in the same environment.

Gyms are important

Pokémon Go game is very synonymous to Gym. You get the coins from here. After you win a battle, you take over a Gym and leave behind some of your powerful Pokémons to defend it. The longer they stay, the more coins you earn to buy the necessary things. The trick is to always keep the strongest Pokémon as the defender. For example, Blissey is a Pokémon which is very hard to defeat. But for the Gyms in town centers, avoid keeping strong Pokémons as they will be easily defeated.

Fight only if you can win

Play this game wisely. Do not be carried away by the fact that you can defeat any Pokémon by a Pokémon you have. When you have a less powerful Pokémon with you, then you will always end up losing the battle. Rather you would have to revive your Pokémon and ail them with potions. Therefore, always see the power and the strength of the Pokémon before you fight.

XP before powering a Pokémon

It is very important to build your XP first before you power-up your Pokémon. As you increase the XP by moving ahead, the rewards scale goes higher and you will evolve and hatch Pokémon. Powering Pokémons with low XP is a silly mistake.

How to save the battery?

This game probably drains a lot of battery but you have an option by which you can decrease the battery usage. Battery saving mode in the game will shut down the screen when the phone is upside down. This means you are not utilizing the battery when you don't have to see the screen. However, you will require the latest android device that supports accelerometer to use this feature.

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Adventure Sync

How boring it is to open up the app whenever you walk around with your mains? However, the Adventure Sync function in the settings menu will sync all the data and will do the counter when you walk around. So even when you’re walking and not playing the game, you get an advantage to catch the Pokémon on your way. Isn’t it great?

Restart the app

There have been to many bugs in the game. Sometimes you won’t find any Pokémon and the server will keep moving around. Try to go back to the menu and refresh it. If it doesn’t work, close the game and also close all the running programs in the backend. After doing this, again restart the app. If you still don’t see a Pokémon, then it’s a time for the trip!

Location matters

It is the nature of the game that you can catch a specific Pokémon only in a specific region. Which also means you won’t find any new Pokémon in your vicinity anymore. That’s why this game has united friendship as people prefer to travel to different places just to catch some Pokémons.