Dead By Daylight Mobile adds Leatherface as the Newest Killer

Dead By Daylight is a popular survival horror game that was released recently for mobile. Ever since its release, the game has provided regular updates to its players to improve the gameplay.


The game is known for including popular horror characters in its gameplay. However, many of the characters available in the console version were missing for mobile. With regular updates, mobile gamers are being introduced to these much-wanted characters.

This week, the game has added another new killer to the game - Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series. In the game, he is known as "The Cannibal" and is a playable character. He was already present in the PC version and is now available on the mobile version of the game.

Like all other killers, Leatherface has a unique power. He also has three perks: Franklin's Demise, Barbecue & Chilli, Knock Out. The character can learn these perks as well teach them to others. Leatherface's arsenal consists of his famous chainsaw and a sledgehammer.

Using Leatherface's chainsaw, you can injure and take down multiple characters at once. Additionally, any Dead by Daylight veteran will know the importance and usability of Leatherface's Barbecue & Chilli perk.

The Barbecue & Chilli will reveal the location of all survivors who are further than 40 metres from you. This perk is very useful and since it can be taught to other characters, you should definitely work on unlocking it.

Hope you can get your hands on this new killer. Stay tuned to Mobile Mode Gaming for latest mobile gaming news.