Brawl Stars Summer Update will Bring New Brawler, New Skins and Much More!

Hello Brawl Stars Fans, here is an amazing news for you guys, so recently Brawl Stars Officially posted a 'Brawl Stars Summer Brawl Talk' video in which they have announced that they are going to add a New Brawler, 4 New Skins, New End Game Content and lastly New Star Powers in the Brawl Stars Upcoming Summer Update.


Here are the Complete Details of Brawl Stars Summer Update:

1. New Brawler

So the Brawler which is going to be added to Brawl Stars in the Summer Update is named 'Tick' a metal ball of barely containable energy. His main attack is throwing proximity Mines, that will blast when the enemy will step over it or with time. And talking about his superpower, he will detach his head and throw in in the battlefield and it will go follow enemy brawlers until it touches them and blasts. What is more insane is that Tick, The New brawler is going to be free for all, and you can get it once you reach 4000 Trophies.

2. New Skins

Moving forward, in the brawl talk, we also got to know that in the Brawl Stars Summer Update there are going to be 4 new Premium Skins introduced to the game namely Mecha Crow, Mecha Bo, Robo Mike and lastly Robo Spike.

3. New End Game Content

So currently in Brawl stars when the season ends you lose trophies. But after this Brawl Stars Summer Update when the Season ends the extra trophies will be converted into a new currency called Star Points. A new shop will also be added to Brawl Stars, where you can spend your Star Points.

4. New Star Powers

At the end of the Brawl Stars Summer Brawl Talk, a hint was given about that new star powers will be added to brawl stars game and it's will be added into parts, like 3 Star powers a Week, which will keep on going for all Summer, Well we will have to wait and find out more about it.

So these were are the details of Brawl Stars Upcoming Summer Update, are you guys excited for the update or not? Do let us know in the comments section below.