'Super Mecha Champions' is The Next Big Battle Royale Game

Super Mecha Champions is developed by none other than NetEase Game, who has developed so many Battle Royale Games in the past such as Rules of Survival, Creative Destruction, Cyber Hunter, etc. that you can say that they have probably mastered the art of making Battle Royale Games. NetEase has already been working on its next big title 'Super Mecha Champions' for past multiple months, and the game is almost ready to be globally released.


Super Mecha Champions is a Battle Royale Game just like Pubg Mobile, Fortnite, etc. where you face off against 100 enemies and the last one standing take the title of winner. But before you judge the game let us tell you there is a slight twist, In Super Mecha Champions you get to feel the amazing thrill and excitement, when you jump into non-stop matches controlling a gigantic robot.

The concept of Super Mecha Champions might be similar to traditional Battle Royale Games but the ability to take over and control a giant robot is the USP of this game. Although it is important to note that to use a giant robot in the battle you will have to wait until the marker is full, and to fill the marker quickly you will have to pick up certain items or wipe out a few of the rivals.

The game's graphics are also great, and the game runs smoothly too. However, we will say you should try the game yourself and come to a decision. The game is available to Download on TapTap App and you can also Pre-Register for the game at Google Playstore.