PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 Update: All the Features You Need to Know

Hello PUBG Mobile Players, hope you are enjoying the new features added in the 0.13.0 update which bring the Season 7 in the game. As the season 8 is going to end on 14 July, 2019, the new season 8 will be introduced by the new update 0.13.5 in the game. In this you will get to know the upcoming features in the PUBG Mobile through 0.13.5 update which will hit the servers on 16th or 17th July, 2019. You can download the 0.13.5 update beta version from the link given at the end of the post.


Here are the New Feature which the 0.13.5 update will bring into the game:

1. Spring Festival

The Spring Festival is the biggest change which the new update will bring into the game. In this new mode you will have to kill the beast and collect exploration. Upon collecting 100% exploration you can unlock a new mode in the game. The beast can be found at the different places in the map. In the Vikendi map you can found it at Dino Park. At Dino Park the red statute of the beast can be found, you need to activate it. You need to go in front of the beast statue and then you will find an option on your screen to activate it. After the activation of the statue you will have to face some small beast which will appear there. Upon killing the small ones you will get some loot out of them and a golden gun,the golden gun will awaken the main beast.

How to use the Golden Gun: Just like the Flare Gun you need to aim towards the sky and then fire. By using flare gun a drop comes from the sky but by using the golden gun a thunder will appear in sky which will awake the main beast.

After 2-3 seconds beast will appear near you. The beast has the high HP and the high damage as well. It is kind of impossible to win headon against it. To kill it you need to fire at it while running here and there and it suggested to use the vehicle to run away from him, change the seat fire, again move forwards, change the seat and fire. Upon dying the beast gives you insane loot, more than the loot from the Flare Gun.

2. Fire Crackers

New Firecrackers will be added into the game which you can found scattered around the map. The Firecrackers can be used for fun while you are not fighting to the enemies.

3. New Weapon in TDM

A new weapon will be added into the Team Deathmatch Mode. In TDM mode you can find the M249 (Machine Gun) lying on the ground in the mid of the map. In the 0.13.5 update this gun will get replaced by RPG7. This is the rocket launcher which is right now available in the Zombie Mode only but from the next update it will be available in the TDM Mode also.

4. New Gun

A new gun named "Bizon" will be added into the game, this gun can be said as the elder brother of UMP9. It uses the 9MM ammo and it is expected that it will prove itself better than UMP9.

5. New Avatars and Frames

As it is the tenancy of the PUBG Mobile developers that they bring the new avatars and frames in every update. So this time also they are going to bring some cool and crazy avatars and frames in the game.

6. New Lobby

A brand new lobby will be introduced in the game, which will replace the Godzilla lobby. But the TDM and the Zombie Modes will remain in the game, only the Godzilla based things will be removed out of them.

7. In Game Update

The new update will be an in-game update, there will be nothing in the Google Play Store this time. This thing has been done by keeping in mind that some of the players have to face the Play Store glitch and because of that their lot if internet data get wasted. The size of the update will be around 200-300MB.

8. If you win the game then at the end you can celebrate it by making chicken grill.

Click here to Download the 0.13.5 Update Beta on iOS

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