Harvest Land – How to Play and Get Free Coins

People dream of having a farm and planting just about whatever they want to reap its benefits in the long run. However, the reality of this is that farming requires physical labor and it can be quite hard on the body. This is why Harvest Land can be a great way to have the best of both worlds without toiling. 


Individuals who want to immerse themselves and explore different islands can do this right on their own mobile devices. They can live this dream vicariously through the Harvest Land mobile app. 

For those who want to enjoy fun and excitement while farming virtually should download and play Harvest Land. Read on to learn how to play, how to download the app, and how to get the much-coveted coins on the app for free. 

  • What Is Harvest Land?
  • Features of the Mobile Game
  • Importance of Coins in Harvest Land
  • Learn How to Download Harvest Land
  • Subscribing to the Game
Harvest Land – How to Play and Get Free Coins
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What Is Harvest Land? 

Harvest Land is a mobile game developed and published by MTAG Publishing Ltd. The game is free to use and download, although it offers in-app purchases. It is available on both the Google Play Store and the App Store for Android and iOS users respectively. 

Harvest Land – How to Play and Get Free Coins
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The goal behind the game is to allow players to build their dream island, farm, harvest, and essentially grow their farm into a massive one that can feed the world. The produce that players can bring to the table serves as the raw materials villagers will use in making different products. 

Players have the ability to decorate and expand their land as they wish and to make it appear the way they want. They can go on expeditions and adventures and collect some of the most sought-after in-game collectibles, elixirs, currencies, and the like. 

In the game, players are considered Viking captains who must lead their crew to victory and prosperity. They should go different routes, establish various villages, and even trade their produce and offerings so that they can increase their riches in the game.

How to Play the Game

In order to play the game, you first need to download and install it onto your mobile device. Upon opening the mobile app, players will be given a relatively small plot of land where they can start setting up a new village. 

Here, users can jumpstart by building different types of houses and exploring what their island and village have to offer, including all of its mysteries. Individuals who want to expand their horizons and get more land can undertake new quests, which in turn, can give wealth and rewards to players. 

As users gain more experience points, they will get more chances to move up to other levels and gain more wealth in the game. Each activity has corresponding experience points and each level is unlocked by players who can give them access to exclusive buildings, crystals, items, and more. 

Features of the Mobile Game

One of the best features of the game is being able to practice farming and harvesting. This allows players to choose an extensive range of crops, from wheat to fruits and everything in between. Besides crops, players can also raise sheep, cows, chickens, and even pigs. 

Harvest Land – How to Play and Get Free Coins
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These crops and animals can be traded with other players and online friends, letting users have a community they can thrive in. This trading route is one of the best ways for players to obtain items and raw materials they need to prosper and gain more wealth over time.

Apart from this, it’s also worth noting that trading materials, crops, and even animals aren’t the only things players can do with friends online. Users can likewise take part in joining clans and exploring new islands. 

Part of the appeal of Harvest Land is being able to build and renovate villages, islands, and farms. Using different tools, materials, designs, and other available aspects, players can build and decorate their own spaces as they see fit. They can make hen houses, and sawmills, and expand their reach over time.

Other Notable Offerings of the App

One of the most highly anticipated happenings in the game is when players level up and rightly so since this gives them the opportunity to unlock items and offerings that are only available at that particular level. 

What’s more, individuals can win crystals, gold, amulets, even elixirs, reputation points, and even coins. In particular reputation points and coins can only be achieved by planting and harvesting more in the game.

Importance of Coins in Harvest Land

In the previous subheading, it has been mentioned that coins are some of the most important aspects of the game with the benefits it brings. From this, it can be said that coins are one of the most important currencies in the game. 

Harvest Land – How to Play and Get Free Coins
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Players have the power to purchase more seeds using their coins, which they can later plant and harvest after a certain time period. It even boosts a player’s harvesting capacity, leading users to level up and unlock new gameplays and rewards. 

Although players can readily purchase a sack of coins, these can cost a lot of money over time, especially when users tend to invest not only their finances but their energy into the game. A handful of coins costs $1.99, a sack of coins can go for $4.99, while a bag of coins is priced at $9.99. 

Get to Know How to Obtain Free Coins

With different uses, such as buying crystals, these coins in Harvest Land can run out quite easily. Thankfully, players can earn this in a number of ways. 

The first of these is simply watching the advertisements shown in the game. These are, after all, the main way Harvest Land earns profit from the game. By watching videos or ads, players can put more coins in the bank. 

Another way players can boost their coins in the game is to harvest crops once they are ripe and ready. They can even participate and collect chest drops as these will increase their coins. 

Learn How to Download Harvest Land

As mentioned, Harvest Land is available for both Android and iOS users. This means that individuals who wish to download Harvest Land may do so by looking for the mobile app on the Google Play Store or the App Store and tapping on “Install” to proceed. 

Harvest Land – How to Play and Get Free Coins
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The game is free to use and download. It comes with in-app purchases, however, that players have to be aware of. These in-game purchases start anywhere from $0.99 to $99.99 per item. 

There are also subscription options which will be discussed later on.  

Specifics You Need to Know About

In order for the app to function as smoothly and seamlessly as possible, users need to have ample space on their devices. For Apple users, they should have at least 339 megabytes on their device to download and run Harvest Land. 

Those who have Apple devices, whether it be their iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch should ensure that their devices are all running on iOS 10.0 or later. 

Meanwhile, Android users should have an operating system of Android 5.0 and up. 

Subscribing to the Game

There are different subscription options that are available to Harvest Land users. These range from $4.99 for a Master Membership Status, $9.99 for a Hero Membership Status, and $19.99 for a Legend Membership Status. All of these subscription options are on a weekly subscription basis. 

Harvest Land – How to Play and Get Free Coins
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The most basic subscription offering on the game is the Master Membership Status and this gives players a free 3-day trial to give them a grasp of the upgraded game option. All of the aforementioned subscription offerings also come with Premium Daily Rewards as well as a self-harvesting worker designed to tend and harvest the player’s crops. 

The only difference between these three is that Hero Membership Status comes with an increased warehouse capacity of 200 units and a daily free chest accompanied by drawings on the player’s farm. 

Meanwhile, the Legend Membership Status comes with all of those in lower tiers, but with the addition of having the player’s caravan cart be filled once a day. Those who avail of this package also have the advantage of having their battles, land, and constructions cleared twice as fast. 

Tips for Playing Harvest Land

One of the best tips that players might want to take advantage of is simply constantly playing the game. This allows them to plant more crops and get more coins if they harvest their crops faster. 

Another helpful tip would be to subscribe to any of the subscription offerings. Although the price can be quite steep, the rewards, currencies, and other perks that come with it more than make up for the price. The increased clearing of land and the filling of the caravan cart is a great help for those who are looking to move to another level. 

The Bottom Line

Harvest Land truly is one of the best farming games out there. With its varied features and its excellent range of adventures, individuals will get a feel not just of how to plant crops and raise animals, but also how to make a profit out of these and grow their respective areas and islands in the game.