Leap Day - How to Get Credits

Interested in playing a platformer mobile game? Adventure platformer mobile games are always fun to play but there is one specific game from Nitrome that has surprised many with its uniqueness—Leap Day. If you're a fan of platformer mobile games, you should check out Leap Day.


Leap Day is a vertical adventure platformer mobile game that features bright and colorful graphics and exhilarating gameplay. You get to climb up a series of platforms toward the end of each level while collecting fruit to unlock the next level. Every day, the game offers new levels for players to enjoy.

If you're interested in playing, here's how to play the game, where you can download it, and how to get credits. Learn a few tips, tricks, and more with the guide below.

  • Play Every Day and Get a Gold Trophy
  • Don't Forget to Collect the Fruit Along the Way
  • Don't Worry Too Much About Playing Each Level on Time
  • Master the Skill of Double Jumping
  • Unlock Gifts by Collecting Cups
Leap Day - How to Get Credits
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Play Every Day and Get a Gold Trophy

Playing Leap Day is very easy. The action-adventure mobile game does not require a lot of mechanics for players to learn or master the game. 

All you need to do is to jump to get to the top. You'll also need to collect fruit along the way which will play an important role in the game. Leap Day introduces a new level each day. 

This means that you will have a brand new level and new types of dangerous terrains and obstacles to overcome every day. 

Try to play the game at least once a day and you'll soon receive a gold trophy. The gold trophy is by far one of the best rewards you'll get in the game.

How to Download Leap Day

By now, you should have seen the trailer of the game and want to download the game. Here's how you can download the game for free. 

Leap Day is available for download on all mobile devices including Android and iOS through the Google Play Store and the App Store for free. To download, all you need to do is search for the title of the game and tap Install. 

Wait until the game is fully installed before you tap Open to launch. You can also link your preferred payment method if you plan on supporting the game through an ad-free plan.

Don't Forget to Collect the Fruit Along the Way

Leap Day might be very easy to play but there will be challenges along the way. Each level will require players to gather as many fruit as possible. 

Leap Day - How to Get Credits
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This is a critical aspect of the game. You will be required to collect as many fruit as you can before you reach the end of each level. Once you have collected enough or all of the fruit, it will unlock the next level for you to play. 

You'll have to reach a certain checkpoint in the game to unlock the next level. The game will require you to pay 20 fruit to unlock and progress into a more challenging level. 

Make sure to collect fruit or else you'll have to play the level again to gain enough fruit to unlock the next level.

Save Your Fruit by Saving the Game at Important Checkpoints Only

Now that you know the importance of collecting fruit in Leap Day, it is time to learn how to use them effectively in the game. There are certain points in the game where you'll have to use your fruit to progress in the game. These are checkpoints. 

As mentioned above, you'll need to use 20 fruit to pass through these checkpoints. However, you can always opt not to spend them if you don't want to play the next stage. You can save your fruit and choose the more significant checkpoints only. 

The first three levels of the game are always worth the fruit that you use. However, you'll soon discover that there are extremely difficult levels that are not worth spending your fruit on.

Don’t Worry Too Much About Playing Each Level on Time

Many mobile games often want you to play the game all the time so they often feature time limits. Most of them even have a countdown so you're forced to focus on playing. 

Leap Day - How to Get Credits
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Leap Day is a very unique action-adventure platformer game in the sense that the game does not involve any time limit. You can play the game and take the time to finish each level all you want. There is no countdown timer that will urge you to finish each level immediately. 

You can just play the game hassle-free but this also forces you to make lesser mistakes. Since the game does not enforce a time limit, most of the obstacles and challenges at each level can be quite difficult. 

Take advantage of this by ensuring that you dodge obstacles, stun monsters, and overcome challenges precisely.

Unlock Old Levels by Watching Ads

The game introduces a new level every day. All the levels that you have played before will forever be unlocked and you can always revisit and replay them to get more fruit. 

For those who are not able to play the game daily, it can become a problem since the game will then restrict access to older levels. However, it's not all doom and gloom for those who have missed a couple of days of playing the game. 

All you need to do is to watch a few ads and the game will unlock the older levels and you can play them. Some might not be fond of watching ads so you can always use real money to remove the ads and unlock all levels.

Master the Skill of Double Jumping

Most platformer games usually incorporate many different mechanics. Some introduce spells and skills but Leap Day is a very simple game to play. 

Leap Day - How to Get Credits
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There is only one mechanic that you need to learn when playing Leap Day and that is jumping. Jumping will help you land on different platforms and reach the top of each level. However, there are certain areas in the game where you'll encounter obstacles or monsters. 

These obstacles will take more than just a simple bounce to get over. Thus you'll need to learn the art of double jumping

Double jumping can be done by jumping as usual but when you're in mid-air, you hit the jump button again so your character bounces in the air and travels a short distance. This distance should be enough to overcome obstacles and proceed in the game.

Jump On Top of Enemy Monsters to Stun Them

Apart from jumping over obstacles, monsters are also scattered around each level which can hinder your progress. If you hit monsters, make sure that you only jump on top of them. 

Avoid getting hit by monsters or else you'll receive damage and will most likely return at the start of the level. Try to jump on top of monsters to stun them. 

You won't be able to kill them but this provides you with enough time to move around to another platform before they regain consciousness and start attacking you again. Be careful with monsters that throw projectiles as they are far more dangerous than the idle ones.

Unlock Gifts by Collecting Cups

Cups and trophies are important aspects of the game. This is the bread and butter of playing Leap Day. Cups and trophies are earned by playing the game and finishing each level. 

Leap Day - How to Get Credits
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Players can earn different types of cups depending on how much they played the game. Players who go past checkpoint 10 will receive the bronze cup while those who go past checkpoint 5 will receive the silver cup. 

Completing an entire level will reward you with a gold cup. In addition, players who finish a level and collect all of the fruit will receive the Fruit Crown cup. 

You can then use these cups to unlock gifts such as cosmetic items.

Learn How to Get Credits in Leap Day

Players in Leap Day can learn how to get credits in Leap Day by using real money by linking their preferred payment method to their account. 

Credits can then be used in many areas in the game such as unlocking older levels and even using it to unlock gifts and other cosmetic items. 

Credits can also be used to remove the ads from the game so you can play without any interruptions.


Leap Day is a proper vertical platformer game that has churned up a massive storm of popularity amongst fans of the genre. With its cute and colorful graphics, the game is bound to be more popular than ever now that it is available to download on different platforms. 

Follow the tips mentioned above so you'll have a better time playing the game.