2D platformer inspired by Castlevania – Breaking Gates is in early access

A new 2D action-platformer Breaking Gates by FredBear Games Ltd. Inspired by classic 2D games such as Castlevania, Metroid and Mega Men X, the developers created Breaking Gates to bring that same experience. The dynamic gameplay unlocks and defeating challenging bosses.


You control a character while exploring this colourful and quirky world to defeat the very annoying Panpakus and their buddies to gain experience. Level up and improve you’re your hero to an agile and powerful state to defeat the round of enemies that follow. You have 8 special skill options to learn and progress in the game. Each skill will come with different combos that will help you in different situations.

There are over 50 unique materials that you collect to craft your equipment. Not just that, with the unique materials you acquire, you can craft and discover over 100 diverse equipment with unique bonuses to behest your enemies. The game also comes with full gamepad support that will all the more help you crush your enemies with swift combos.


The soundtrack has been originally composed for Breaking Gates. All the music has been composed in a way to enhance the atmosphere with an epic and exciting feeling. Besides this you have multiple daily missions to explore and hunt down, granting you exciting rewards.

The game is out now for early access on the Google Play Store. It will also feature in-app purchases and ads. For more information, you can visit them on their website.

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