Space Shooter - Discover How To Get Gems

Fans of old-school space shooter-adventure games are always looking out for a new game to get their hands on. I've been in search of one ever since I first encountered similar games like Galaga when I was a child. 


Fortunately, developer OneSoft has released a new game that brings the genre to the modern age with Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack. The game's main goal remains - shoot down all the enemy aliens with your ship, but the addition of new ships, upgrades, and power-ups make them even more interesting. 

Find out how you can play the game, where to download, tips to play, and how you can get gems in Space Shooter with the help of my guide below.

  • Clearing Waves Faster
  • Look For The Blinking Red Light
  • Collect First Time Rewards To Get Free Gems
  • Buy Items To Get More Power
  • Unlock PvP For More Fun
Space Shooter - Discover How To Get Gems
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Clearing Waves Faster

In Space Shooter, the main objective is to clear each wave within a set of times to get a good score. There are also a lot of factors that affect how I score after each wave. The best way to get a high score is to clear waves much faster than the allotted time. 

Having a good score means getting enough gold coins to use later in the game, but getting a high score means that I can earn those coins early in the game. 

This would allow me to purchase new ships that would exponentially give me more potential to get a higher score. At the start of each level, you'll notice that there are missions set by the game. 

Clearing around 50% of the entire wave would give you some bonus points; however, clearing all the waves perfectly will surely earn you a higher score at the end of each level.

Collect The Power-Ups

While players are advised to clear all waves to get higher scores, there is also another way to multiply the scores that you currently have. Power-ups are available for players to grab within the game. 

There are a lot of power-ups that can be used. One of which adds a few hundred points to your current scores. I always make sure that I grab this type of power-up in the game as it will greatly help the score I get at the end of each level. 

Other power-ups include new ships, better firepower, more damage, and sometimes, extra lives. Grab these power-ups as they float around the screen by hovering your spaceship over them.

Look For The Blinking Red Light

Playing Space Shooter is rather easy at first. I noticed that the game doesn't offer a lot of challenges at the early stages. It could be that the game would want me to be familiar with how things work, but as soon as I hit the later levels, things begin to feel very difficult. 

Space Shooter - Discover How To Get Gems
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Swarms of alien ships suddenly appear, which can be detrimental to my game. One thing I noticed that many new players don't recognize is that there is a blinking red light that acts as an indicator for the player. 

The blinking red light determines the spot where the enemy alien ships would spawn so I can position my ship for an attack. Make sure to hover your ship away from the light to avoid crashing into the enemy ships.

Don't Stay In One Spot

New players tend to stay in one spot as they were at the beginning of each wave as if there were no options for them to move. As more and more enemy ships spawn within the screen, it would be very difficult for you to dodge projectiles or avoid crashing into them. 

This is why I advise that you try to move around and avoid staying in just one spot for the entire game. You will need to move around to grab those power-ups and evade different projectiles from the enemy. 

This is highly recommended, especially during boss fights when there are many things thrown at you. Never forget to move around.

Collect First Time Rewards To Get Free Gems

Each level in the game is divided into different waves. Each wave will contain different enemies, and each level will also have different missions. For every level that you finish, rewards are waiting at the end. 

Space Shooter - Discover How To Get Gems
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The first-time rewards often give out amazing prizes such as more gold coins and, sometimes, gems. Gems are important to the game as it allows us to upgrade ships and more. 

Gems can only be purchased using real money, so if you don't want to spend some cash in the game, getting the first-time rewards is one of the only few ways for you to get free gems. 

Take advantage of finishing all missions in each level to get the first-time rewards on your first try. Apart from this, other ways to earn gems are to spin the lucky wheel and finish daily quests.

Double Your Coins By Watching Ads

At the end of each level, all of my scores will be tallied together. The score at the end will also result in gold coins. Sometimes, it's not enough for me to earn coins by just going through each wave and level.

There will be times that I am forced to play the same level again to earn more gold coins. I've recently found that I don't need to do this anymore since there's another option for me to earn more coins by watching ads. 

At the end of each level, there's an option to double, triple, or sometimes add a few hundred coins by simply tapping the Watch Ads button. Tapping this button shows a video that I need to watch until the end, and it would give me the bonus amount of coins that I need.

Buy Items To Get More Power

Items and ships become increasingly powerful and important as the game goes on. Enemies also become more powerful and tough to beat the longer the game progresses. 

Space Shooter - Discover How To Get Gems
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Buying new items is essential if you want to make your journey towards the end much easier. This is the time when I finally put all of my hard-earned coins to good use. 

I usually buy the items that boost my firing power and purchase ships with better firepower if I have to. These ships are going to be very important when facing bosses near the end of the game.

Upgrade Your Ship

You'll notice that there are a lot of ships to choose from in the game. Some have different firepower and projectiles. All of these are highly impactful in the game so choosing the best ship in each situation is important in the game. 

Another thing to note when it comes to playing the game is upgrading your ship. Not only will you be able to equip yourself with a better ship, but you also provide more firepower that will potentially increase your chances of winning each level, especially in the later stages. 

We already know that the later levels are pretty difficult to pass, so upgrading your ship is one option that I can advise you to do to get you that boost that you need.

Unlock PvP For More Fun

I didn't notice that there was this PvP option before. I just played the game and progressed through the tougher levels and was surprised that I was able to unlock the PvP mode after finishing a few levels. 

Space Shooter - Discover How To Get Gems
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The PvP mode of this game is rather interesting at it pits you and another player against each other and whoever gets the highest score receives a position on the leaderboard. It's a fun way to compete with my friends

I also do this whenever I need a break from playing the main game. I can also invite a friend and play a co-op game and enjoy showing off my ships and my moves.

Unlock Even More Difficult Settings To Get More Rewards

There are three different difficulties available in the game. At first, I was only able to unlock the easiest of them all; however, I also have the option to unlock two more difficulty settings for that extra bit of challenge. 

Unlocking more settings means more difficult challenges, but it also means I get more rewards. 

If you find yourself thirsting for more challenging levels and earn more rewards, go ahead and unlock these settings by finishing the game at the easy setting first, then play the game on the next difficulty option.


Old school fans of arcade shooting games will surely love to play Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack on their phone. The tips above should help you gain more advantages in the game but still allow you to enjoy all the challenges. 

Download Space Shooter now on your mobile phone through the Google Play Store or the App Store.