Magic Tiles 3 - See How to Get Diamonds

Wouldn't it be fun to play a mobile game where you play your modern favorite songs? Magic Tiles 3 is the perfect mobile rhythm game that has all the popular songs that you listen to right now. 


All you need to do is tap on the tiles according to the beat, earn points, and get the highest score. It's that easy but if you want to challenge yourself, there are a lot more difficult songs to unlock. 

Find out more about the game, how to play properly, how to get more diamonds, and unlock more features with my guide below.

  • Start Slow
  • Find the Perfect Momentum
  • Get Diamonds and Unlock More Benefits
  • Replenish Lives
  • Try Other Game Modes
  • Play More to Unlock Your Favorite Songs
Magic Tiles 3 - See How to Get Diamonds
Image Source: HuntMagnum / YouTube

Start Slow

The very first thing that players need to know when playing Magic Tiles 3 is to play the game at the slowest pace possible. The game can be very unforgiving if you go straight to playing the more difficult songs. 

With so many songs to choose from, there are a lot of songs that are slow enough for you to learn more about the mechanics. 

I suggest that you choose a slow song first so you can be familiar with how the game works. 

Then, you can progress to a song with a faster tempo and work your way to the more difficult ones. This way, you will be able to perfect your skill.

Play With Your Fingers

There's another thing that I noticed with new players, especially how they play the game. Most new players tend to play the game using only one finger in hopes to hit all the bars on the screen. Playing with just one finger will eventually hold you back in the game.

It is best that you start playing Magic Tiles 3 using two or three fingers. This will help you hit all the notes and bars and even do combos if you need to. 

Hitting all the bars will give you a score and when you're able to hit them consecutively, you'll earn combo points allowing you to earn a higher score in the end.

Find the Perfect Momentum

Playing Magic Tiles 3 is all about learning when to strike the bars on the screen. It requires skill to time it perfectly so you can earn points. 

Magic Tiles 3 - See How to Get Diamonds
Image Source: Brian Ngan / YouTube

However, it takes a lot of skill to learn how to find the perfect rhythm and momentum in hitting the bars at the right time. 

There's no other way to learn this skill than to play the game over and over until you find your groove. This is why I suggest that you keep on playing the same song until you can time the beat properly. 

Having the right momentum will give you the skill to hit all the bars in time thus allowing you to get the perfect score and unlock the rewards.

Listen to the Songs First

While gaining proper momentum is key to getting high scores, I also would like to suggest that you listen to the song first before playing the game. 

Listening to the song gives you an idea of the beat as well as the rhythm. This has allowed me to anticipate incoming beats so I get to hit them accurately. 

This can come in handy especially if I don't know the song or the beat of the song. Learning the entire rhythm of the song gives me an idea of how the bars are going to be presented.

Get Diamonds and Unlock More Benefits

Diamonds are the premium currency used in the game to unlock different benefits. Diamonds can only be bought using real money but that does not mean that the game does not give you some for free. 

Magic Tiles 3 - See How to Get Diamonds
Image Source: Downzen

Magic Tiles 3 rewards players with diamonds if you know where and how to do so. Diamonds are used to unlock a lot of benefits and one of which is the ability to challenge another player in a duel. 

Those who want to play with other players in the game should get diamonds and show them what you're made of. 

I've also used diamonds to unlock songs so if you see songs that you like, make sure to use diamonds and unlock them immediately.

Complete More Quests to Get More Diamonds

There are a lot of ways to get diamonds in this game. The first step to getting more diamonds is to complete quests and missions. 

Quests and missions are provided at the start of the game right before the song plays. Most of the time, they either require me to hit a certain score or play a certain song a couple of times. 

Depending on what the mission or quest is about, I suggest that you read all the objectives first before proceeding to play the game. This will help you clear those missions and quests faster and avoid playing again and again.

Replenish Lives

I know that playing Magic Tiles 3 can be frustrating especially if you are new to the game. There will be a lot of times when you're going to miss a lot of the tiles and you find yourself getting low score after low score. 

Magic Tiles 3 - See How to Get Diamonds
Image Source: APK Pure

You're given 15 lives at the start of the game and whenever you play, the game takes one life from you which adds more to the frustration. 

Whenever you're in this situation, don't worry too much about losing a life. You can always replenish them later on. 

The game regenerates lives after a few hours so keep on playing until you master the game and soon, you won't be wasting your precious lives in the game.

Watch Ads to Gain Rewards

There are so many rewards to earn in this game apart from diamonds. Apart from playing missions and quests, you can also gain a lot of rewards by just watching ads on the app. 

Ads can be found on the home screen and tapping on the menu will let you watch them. After watching the video, you'll receive rewards that you can spend on unlocking new songs or adding cosmetic items to your account. 

I've also received lives from just playing a single ad so if you want to play more songs, try watching ads from time to time.

Try Other Game Modes

I know playing the same songs can be very boring and repetitive sometimes and you just want to have fun and discover more challenging songs. 

Magic Tiles 3 - See How to Get Diamonds
Image Source: Mintegral

What I usually do is tap on the Music Note menu found on the home screen and check the different game modes that the game offers. 

There are other game modes that will challenge your skill such as an online mode where you can challenge others to a duel

This is where you'll spend your hard-earned diamonds to activate the duel. Challenge your friends and see who is the best at playing Magic Tiles 3.

Get Better at Playing

Many players might see themselves plateau with their skills in playing this game. Yes, it can get repetitive and you might want to challenge yourself by playing another game mode or in a higher difficulty. 

What I would rather do is master the game first in one level before moving on. This way, I get to take full advantage of all the rewards that I can get from playing the same level or song over and over until I master it. 

This would also give me more time to harness my skills and gather more points to level up and unlock more features.

Play More to Unlock Your Favorite Songs

Most songs are already unlocked from the moment you play the game. While they are great songs to play, I often find myself wanting to play other songs that I know I'm familiar with. 

There is a wide selection of songs waiting to be unlocked in the game. 

In fact, there are thousands of songs being added and the only way to unlock them apart from spending your diamonds is to play more games. 

Playing and leveling up will help you unlock more songs so if you have a favorite song waiting to be unlocked, it's time for you to concentrate on getting good scores so you can level up.

Like the Magic Tiles 3 Facebook Page

If you link your Facebook account to the game, visit the Magic Tiles 3 Facebook page and hit the Like button. 

You'll receive rewards such as coins to unlock more songs, lives so you can keep on playing, and even diamonds. 

Be sure to link your social media account first before you go to their Facebook page.


Enjoy playing a music rhythm game with Magic Tiles 3 by choosing from a wide variety of genres including pop, rap, EDM, jazz, and even instrumental songs. If you want to play better, don't forget to incorporate the tips mentioned above and you'll surely improve in no time.

Check out Magic Tiles 3 on the Google Play Store and the App Store.