1sland a multiplayer exploration game now on iOS

1sland is a new multiplayer exploration game in which players need to find island first. The game is developed by Nada Studios the game is at present available for iOS only and is to arrive on Android soon.


This is a simple yet interesting game to play as a group. Players have to race to discover the island and once they set foot on them they can customize them. Other players will witness the design that you have given to that island.

To find the island the players have access to a variety of gadgets which will help to figure out the rough location. Also, there are flare variants that will help in determining the distance and the direction of the islands. Once you have the information it's up to you to sail and discover the island. The game also contains a buoy that will track the distance traveled by you.


There are multiple missions in the game which you can complete and increase your rankings in the global leader board. On your course to discovery, there will be a lot of whirlpools and icebergs which needs to be tackled carefully. The island's position will change every 6 hours. The game also has dynamic weather with respect to the season.

1sland is a free to play game that is available to download on the App Store. The game has Season pass known as the Paddle Pass that will give some cosmetic items and in-game currency to the players.