Learn How to Get Coins in Stickman Ghost

Do you consider yourself a fan of Stickman games? If you're looking for an action-packed mobile game, Stickman Ghost is the perfect game for you.


Stickman Ghost is a hack-and-slash mobile game where players control a ninja warrior while sporting different weapons and skills. In this game, you'll need to learn to harness your weapons and skills in battle, or else you'll be taken down by your enemies.

Excited to play the game? Continue reading as we discuss more on how to play the game, how to get coins, where to download, and more with our guide below.

  • Conserve Your Health Potions
  • Use Your Cooldowns Wisely
  • Collect Power Ups During Battle
  • Collect Coins by Defeating Enemies
  • Use Coins to Upgrade Your Skills
  • Prove Yourself to the World
Learn How to Get Coins in Stickman Ghost
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Conserve Your Health Potions

The very first skill that you need to learn in playing Stickman Ghost is not about attack combos or using your skill. It is a simple mechanic that everyone can learn easily —conserving your health potions

Health potions are given for free at the start of the game. You'll have three small health potions that help you recover a small portion of your health back and one large health potion that fills your entire health bar immediately. 

You might think that having health potions gives you a free pass to take all the damage you want and use them unnecessarily. However, health potions cost a lot in this game and you won't notice it at first but you'll soon wish you conserved them early on. 

Only use health potions when your health bar is at a critical level.

Avoid Getting Surrounded or Cornered by the Enemy

One good way to avoid using expensive health potions all the time is to avoid getting damaged. However, dodging all enemy attacks is nearly impossible. Soon or later, you'll receive damage from the enemy. 

The trick here is to avoid it as much as possible. One strategy to help you avoid getting severely damaged is to avoid getting surrounded. Enemies will be coming at you from different sides of the map. 

Be prepared to face them. Take out the closest enemy or enemies first and try not to put yourself in a corner. Getting cornered is a surefire way to get yourself surrounded by enemies and get beaten up.

Use Your Cooldowns Wisely 

They say offense is the best defense and in Stickman Ghost, offense is always the best way to defend yourself. Skills are available for players to use however, they also have very long cooldowns. 

Learn How to Get Coins in Stickman Ghost
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Some of the skills can take 30 seconds before they become available so make sure that you use them wisely. Better yet, try to use them sparingly or rotate the use of your skills. 

Most skills immediately kill enemies so make sure that you only use them when you're in a big fight or if you are already cornered. 

Use Skills Only When Needed

Most of the time, you don't need to use skills to deal with enemies in this game. You can still use your auto-attacks to defeat enemies and then use skills during boss fights. If you're getting cornered, feel free to use your skills to get yourself out of a sticky situation. 

Use your skills when there are a lot of enemies coming at you. Don't waste your skills on a single enemy. Basically, only use your skill when you feel like you have to not just when you can. 

This way, you'll focus all of your energy on mastering your basic attacks and making sure your weapons are polished and upgraded.

Collect Power Ups During Battle

Skills and basic attacks are the major components of combat in Stickman Ghost. However, there are also certain features like power ups that can be picked up along the way to help in battle. 

Learn How to Get Coins in Stickman Ghost
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Power Ups come in different forms but the most common one is the Shield. The Shield powerup can be picked up after defeating a certain enemy on the battlefield. Once you pick it up, your character will be engulfed inside a shield that protects you from damage. 

You can still attack while the shield is on but you will never receive damage. Pick up a powerup whenever it gets dropped after killing an enemy or else it will disappear. 

Remember that the powerup only lasts a certain time so make the most out of it.

Knock Them Down

Another great way to avoid receiving critical damage from the enemy is to buy time. You can knock enemies off their feet to buy yourself time. 

This way, you get more time for your skills to come back up and you also give yourself time to get away from a huge crowd. Knocking enemies down can be done by either a sweeping kick or the use of the staff. 

Some enemies are immediately killed when you knock them down but others can get back up and start attacking you again. Be sure to find an open area to stay in before they get back on their feet and start swarming you again.

Collect Coins by Defeating Enemies

Apart from picking up power ups after defeating enemies, you'll notice that there are also gold coins. These coins are valuable resources in the game. 

Learn How to Get Coins in Stickman Ghost
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Players oftentimes collect these coins and use them to purchase health potions but you will need a lot of them to afford a single health potion. 

For this reason, you should learn to collect coins by defeating as many enemies as you can. Each enemy will drop a single gold coin and there are also times that they don't drop coins at all. 

It's a tough job but you'll need these coins later on for many other uses like purchasing new weapons and upgrading your skills and attacks.

Replay the Entire Level

Getting coins from defeating enemies is going to be very difficult because there's only a limited number of enemies you'll face at each level. 

Apart from gold coins dropping randomly from enemies, you also can't tell how many enemies you're going to eliminate when you play the game. One good way to circumvent this issue is to replay the entire level to farm for gold coins

At the end of each level, there is an option at the lower-left corner of the screen that allows you to start the entire level over again. Use this method whenever you want to earn more gold coins to afford new weapons or upgrades.

Use Coins to Upgrade Your Skills

There's a reason why players want to collect as many gold coins as possible in this game. Coins are used to upgrade your skills and increase their damage. 

Learn How to Get Coins in Stickman Ghost
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You'll need all the upgrades once you hit the higher levels where you're dealing with bigger and more dangerous enemies. Some of them might even have defensive capabilities that minimize your damage. 

Upgrading and increasing your damage will help clear each level faster so you can farm more gold coins. There are a lot of upgrades available for each skill so check them out before upgrading them. 

Upgrade skills that you commonly use in the game and focus on increasing their damage. Try not to upgrade every skill but instead, choose a few ones and focus your resources on them.

Buy New Weapons and Other Items

The in-game store is loaded with many features. Apart from where you'll be upgrading your skills, the in-game store is also the place where you can purchase new weapons. There are a lot of weapons to choose from and each weapon will have its different skillset and damage. 

Players might be tempted to purchase the next best possible weapon after collecting enough gold coins but it is much better to stick with the one you're using and upgrade the existing weapon. 

This maximizes its full potential and you'll be able to use the rest of your coins to upgrade skills instead. Apart from weapons, the in-game store also features other items like pets that can help you in battle.

Prove Yourself to the World

Playing each level of the game to unlock more features is one way of enjoying the game. However, many players might find it boring without another goal in sight. 

Learn How to Get Coins in Stickman Ghost
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This is where the global rankings come to into play. The global rankings are a good way to prove your skills in the game. 

It will test your mechanics and how well you play the game by pitting you against millions of other players from all over the world. This is done through a point system. 

Every point you earn in the game will elevate your status in the rankings. Prove yourself to the world and become the next best ninja in Stickman Ghost.

Downloading Stickman Ghost

Now that you've learned all the tips and tricks in playing Stickman Ghost, it's finally time to learn how to download the game. 

Stickman Ghost is available on all devices including Android and iOS and can be downloaded through the Google Play Store and the App Store

To download the game, search for the title through these platforms and tap Install. Wait until the game is fully installed so you can start playing Stickman Ghost.


Fight against evil and yearn for justice with this Stickman game. It's a simple game with good mechanics and gameplay that many RPG fans will surely love to play. Make sure to check out the tips given above to help you get better at playing.