Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen is an idle RPG ( Role-Playing Game ) where Masketeers like Musketeers but with masks, manifest their powers to demolish the demon rule. These musketeers will get into epic brawls with the human negativity known as Wraiths.

As you enter into the game, you immediately step into the world of superheroes who initially were normal people like you and me. The plot of the game becomes clear with the short story build-up that appears before the actual game starts. The helpless person receives a mask and after wearing the mask, immense powers get into the person, giving him renewed vitality to fight the inner demons of society. Heroes empowered by mysterious masks take a stand and set about the mission.



The game comes with a full-fledged tutorial of working which tells about the gameplay of the game and makes it easy to play for the player. The level ups and rewards are explained in the tutorial. The game leads the edge over the other idle games available in the market by its orb-matching feature and providing a familiar yet refreshing experience. The epic battles with the demons open the door to explore more new talents and strategies. One can discover runes and relics along the way, even receive the blessings of guardians along with magical allies. On successful destruction of an enemy, gold coins are received as the reward and the player has to collect them from the place they end.


What makes the game have a unique spin on the idle genre is its graphics and visuals. The game has marvelous graphics, be it the background or the foreground containing the characters. The flashes that appear while fighting the enemy, gives a little kick to the player. The characters contain varied styles and every character has its uniqueness. The main highlight of the game, which also adds up to the layer of the graphics is the most special masks. The masks are greatly designed and are distinct to every character. The masks show the power of the character. It proves to be a real feast to the eye to play the game due to extensive graphics.



Just when you start playing the game, the tune that plays in the background is very moving. The tune sets the correct mood of the game. It instills a feeling of revenge and battle in the player's mind and heart. In addition, the sound of the swords and killings of the enemies are added into the game. The collection of rewards and power-ups also have various sounds that add a touch to the game and motivate the players.


Some technical issues are seen in the game. When transcending or watching an ad, it at times freezes and crashes. Also, while trying to summon a relic, which was one of the chalices, an error popped up. One inconvenience is that the progressing is a bit slow, especially at early levels.


The game offers many rewards on pre-registration and includes in-app purchases too. Overall the game is filled with great visuals and the gameplay is simple. One can enjoy anywhere as it does not involve any complicated play. However, the game does not seem too addictive as it has a pace that it follows throughout. The concept is different which deals with fighting the hidden demons of the society, by converting yourself in a superhero by only wearing a mask!


Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen has just been globally released and is now available for download for both android and iOS user respectively via Google Play and Apple AppStore.

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